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Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Hooks, More Yarn....Get a Life!

Monday was Kami's birthday so we took her out to eat last evening. She had injured her ankle over the weekend at the WW2 re-enactment by walking over frozen icy ground in high heels. Now she is hobbling around in pain! The doctor told her to stay off the foot and rest it. She needs a project so we went to Hobby Lobby after dinner.

We went in to get a ball of crochet cotton, a hook, and a book of patterns. You all know the story!!! She ended up with quite a few different colors of cotton thread and several skeins of yarn. I hadn't planned on buying ANYTHING! What is this box of sock yarn!!!

I LOVE SOCK YARN!!! Not that I knit that many socks. I just love the colors and those cute little skeins! OK! I'm gonna knit socks with this. Really I am!!!

We drove home from Brad and Kami's in a snowstorm! That groundhog should have stayed in his hole!

Then I got my new hooks in the mail. I saw the sponge handled hook on Cathy's blog Orange Sink. She said they seemed to work well so I decided to get one (or two). The wooden handled hook is my trusty old #3 Moshimer hook that I've used exclusively for twenty years.

If the new hooks suit me even half as well, I'll be happy.

This morning I've been working on my next weaving project. The loom is empty and looking lonely. I spent several hours with my weaving software, trying to get my draft entered and making sure everything is correct.
This is a wonderful tool for weavers! You enter your information and it simulates what your fabric will look like when it's woven. If there are parts that you don't like, you can change them. Or if a thread is placed wrong you can see the boo-boo before you thread the loom.
Next I will print a copy of my draft (I keep a notebook of them) and get ready to crank on the threads. I have a lot of spools to wind in the meantime! I'll show the next step in a future post.
Zip is working hard this morning cleaning the stovepipes for the woodstove and taking out the ashes. And here I am fiddling around on the computer like a lazy person.
Maybe I should do something USEFUL! LOL!!!


  1. You made me laugh with the yarn. I have a bit of a yarn habit too. Bags and bags of cotton yarn for making dishloths. Every color and multi mix I can get my hands on. It is an addiction. Looking forward to hearing how you make out with the new spongy hook. Looks comfortable.

  2. Hi Pat - Yeah! socks??socks??? I bet. Beautiful yarn - I understand - I have 3 trunks full - next time you need some let me know. I am interested in the hooks - I got a new hook from Cynthia Norwood in November - it is quite different - has a white handle - have you seen it? Expensive! Let me know about soft handled ones.

  3. Hi Pat,
    Don't know how I missed your blog post! Just reading it now Feb. 3rd. Thanks for the mention of the sponge hooks and my blog! I am really interested to see how you like them. I haven't done any hooking since finishing my circle rug, so I can't vouch for the long run with it. The company was super fast in shipping and so easy to order online. I guess I better get on the ball and update my blog! Thanks again! Cathy G

  4. Hey Pat,

    Hope Kami heals quickly.. I"m sure the socks you will knit will be wonderful like everything else you do. Those yarns are cool!
    I don't think the groundhog should have gone back in his hole, I think someone should shoot the dang critter :). Pretty amazing how the computer can do all that for you. Hope to see you at Grantstreet!

  5. Hey Pat - Where were you yesterday! I kept waiting for you to walk off that elevator! Anyay - you were doing something useful - weaving is useful - not lazy! Hope Kami's foot is okay - but bop her one for wearing high heels in ice in the first place (just teasing!) I tried that spongy hook way back when but they kept falling apart on me - but they are comfy to hook with. Can't wait to see those socks! Knitted socks are cozy!

  6. missed you at grant street...!! I must agree I like the yarn too!! looks pretty just setting in the bowl!! You said you downloaded books from your library.. how do you do that... do you have i pod?? I would enjoy listening to books that way.. let me know!! Thanks!


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