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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It Rained...and then it Rained Some More!

I still haven't heard an official report on how much rain fell from Sunday into Monday, but I'm guessing about two inches or more. It just poured!

For a while on Monday morning I was ready to go whitewater rafting in the front yard. Usually we have a nice little trickle of water in what we call 'the ditch' that runs through our property. Sometimes in the spring it's a tiny stream, in the summer it almost dries up. Yesterday we had a very nice trout stream (Zip wishes!!!).

Only a mile away between Newburg and Shippensburg, things were getting close to out of hand. The Conodoguinet Creek (pronounced con-o-go-in-it), which usually meanders down through the middle of that tree line was way beyond the banks, into the adjoining fields.
And just beneath the bottom of the bridge. The water level is uaually a good 10 feet below the bridge. Only once since I have lived here (40 years) has the water ever gone up over the bridge. That was an awesome sight!

We had to go to Fayetteville to take a finished sewing order to Brad and Kami. They are going to a WW2 event this week and needed to take it along.

Whoo-hoo! Some of these places looked a little scary! You can see how the edge of the road is washing away.

This little stream is usually only a few feet wide.
Yesterday it was right up under the bridge and had flowed up out of the banks and into the surrounding woods.

Coming into Fayetteville we passed a row of houses with flooded yards. The park and baseball fields beyond these homes was completely under water.
Brad and Kami live on the main street which is on higher ground, so didn't have a problem.

Amazingly, there weren't any roads that were completely closed. I guess it was 'travel at your own risk'!

And afterward.....
Look at that beautiful blue sky with fluffy white clouds drifting by!
The temperature was warm and you could almost imagine that Spring was here!

Now that my stressful sewing project is over, I'm looking forward to getting some hooking accomplished. But first I have a few chores that I've been neglecting.
Like a big sink full of dishes and bills that need paid. Oh well!!!


  1. Pat ~
    Those pictures are impressive ~ and more than a little scary. I do hope peoples' homes did not flood.
    I hope the dishes are done and the bills paid.
    Happy hooking!
    Pug hugs :)

  2. Hi Pat,
    Lauren is right, more than a little scary! Sure hope you are staying safe! Maybe you should be wearing life jackets when you are driving around like that! Thanks for the wonderful email inviting me to be a part of the group! I will talk to you soon about that so stay safe and dry! xxoo Cathy G

  3. Gosh Pat a scary trip! Hope rad and Kami are high and dry. I hope to see you in C-burg Thursday. Great pictures.

  4. Pat it looked like that around here - i ventured out around 2:30 and it was still pouring - yuk - can't get out of my area without crossing bridges and the water levels were so high! Never thought to take my camera! We never did see that beautiful blue sky! So glad you didn't need any oars!


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