kitty companiona

kitty companiona

Friday, January 8, 2010

It Looks Like a Mess

And it is!

About five years ago I had a website for selling my weaving and thought I would like to do it again now that I'm back at the loom. I needed to do some inventory and see what I have left from the time when I was going to shows. That way I could decide what my next project should be.

I am primarily a weaver of table linens. Love those dishtowels, placemats, napkins and runners! Whew!!! Didn't realize I had so much stuff!

Since the last time I had a weaving website all my pictures were taken with my old Nikkon 35mm, I will have to do all the photography over with the new digital. That will probably take about a week to haul out all the props- the redware, yellow ware, the 1950's green stuff, etc.

Am I going to have to revise my colors??? What do you all think. I try to stick to rather traditional stuff. I'm not sure I can do the lime green and turquoise thing that younger people seem to like nowdays.

These white on white textured linens are some of my favorites. Not exactly prim though. I love the really nubby ones for bathroom hand towels.

Better get back to work before the little heathens get fur all over everything!

Speaking of which....

I got these lovely fake-o poinsettas on sale at Joann Fabrics yesterday for only a dollar! Real poinsettas are poisonous to cats (and probably dogs too). Every year I wish I could decorate with them but just know that Someone will just have to take a bite. These are the perfect answer!

Do I see your lips on the edge of the leaf, Deiter???

And here is Deiter saying 'Elvis! Eat your heart out!'
Or maybe he's learning new tricks from Joanne!

I want to thank all of you for the kind emails and comments on the passing of our dear Sophie. I so much appreciate your support. I can't believe that someone so small can rip such a hole in our lives.

When I finally get my weaving inventory sorted out you will find me here, in my little corner of the living room in my comfy chair thinking about hooking and throwing the shuttle. But probably taking a nap!!!

Until next time, keep on hookin'!


  1. Pat, I love Deiter and the lamp shade hat!!! It gives the leg lamp in the movie Christmas Story a new meaning. By the way, your poinsettas are beautiful. Just remember to water them and keep them in plenty of sunlight.

  2. Hi Pat,
    I want to thank-you for all your kind words on my blog today! It's great to know I have friends out there who are so caring! You don't know how much I appreciate your thoughtfulness! Your linens are so lovely. I know what you mean by the popular colors today though. It seems like with rug hooking color doesn't matter that much....pretty much anything goes. I wish you well with your weaving! Deiter will help you I'm sure! He looks like he likes to be involved in whatever you are doing! A handsome lad that one! Have a relaxing weekend and enjoy your projects! XXOO Cathy G

  3. Doesn't look like a mess to me Pat! Looks like lovely pieces just waiting for new homes. Can't wait to see you put something up on your site. Please share when you do!

  4. Oh my goodness - i love your kitty pictures. I'm getting a good giggle out of your comment smarty pants! Well he's a man after my heart that's all! Deiter almost looks like a statute in the poinsettas! Oh Pat your weaving is beautiful!

  5. Your weaving is so beautiful. Please weave with colors that please you, always better to create things that you love rather than trying to please the whims of the market.

  6. Pat - what a talent! Every thing is so beautiful. I know you will do well with your pieces. Love the kitty pictures. Maybe Dieter should change his name to DieJoanne?

  7. I love your weaving. Glad you are back at it. I can't wait to see more photos.

  8. What beautiful weaving!!!!!! Love the pictures of your kitty! What a cutie!
    I've always wanted to learn to hook rugs. Your designs are wonderful!
    Another weaver from Pa,

  9. I absolutely love your vegetable tea towels or place mats, they're fantastic. I'd love to know what the draft is or where you got it. I really like your colours, the smoky blue and beige look particularly good. Maybe more white could give them a bit of a lift if you wanted.


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