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Sunday, January 17, 2010

I'm At The End of My Warp!

Is that like being at the end of my rope? Nope! It's a good feeling!

I wove all day yesterday. A good eight hours of work.

I started out by winding the pirns in a few new colors. This one will be for my dining room table to match my yellow ware bowls with the blue stripe.

The work in progress. It's good we had food leftover from the previous day or Zip would have gone hungry (he CAN microwave leftovers!) I had a huge mug of coffee and my book on CD right beside me. No excuse for getting up and wandering off.

Finally late in the afternoon I'm seeing the knots that tie the thread onto the loom coming up over the back beam! A few more throws of the shuttle and I am ready to cut off the fabric.

I've had this warp on the loom so long I can't remember how many yards of linens I was planning to make. As I'm pulling it off, it seems like a nice amount.
Oh! I love this part when the project is OVER!

I wish I had a room long enough to stretch the whole length out for a picture. I measured, and I have ten plus yards of napkins, table runners, and one dish towel. Now I need to serge across the raw edges so they don't ravel and throw it in the washer and dryer. Then I will cut the individual pieces apart and hem them.

And plan the next project!
I'm debating between some twill napkins that I particularly enjoy doing in different colors and the white-on-white runners and towels with lots of texture like this one.

Deiter has been sitting on the chair behind the loom all day waiting for Mommy to pay attention to HIM! Or maybe he was listening to the story on the CD.

I feel like I finally accomplished something!
Now if I can just get some hooking done....


  1. WOW Pat - such beautiful linens. I am envious. I hope you are planning to sell some of those lovely things. I missed you at Chambersburg last Thursday. Hope to see you soon.

  2. Oh Pat! They are beautiful.... I sure hope you get a website up soon. I want one! Good seeing you the other day at Joanne's. Sorry i couldn't talk longer. But good news... no cavities lol. Hope to see you soon!

  3. Such beautiful work. How in the world do you get the pattern. Obviously I know nothing about weaving but I just love the finished product.
    I am a rug hooker, quilter.
    I do hope you have a place to sell your linens soon.

  4. Pat ~
    Beautiful!!! Ten yards = thirty feet (I've got great math ~ now that's a lot of linen. It looks just like the old overshot coverlets. Please keep us posted on the finished products.
    Pug hugs :)

  5. I love over shot!!!!!!! Still my all time favorite weave. Your's are wonderful.

    What were and your kitty listening to? I always have an audio book on the go. Love that I can download them free from our library to my litte Zen Stone.

  6. pat you still amaze me!! they are so beautiful.. i can ever imagine that... did i ever tell you.. im finished my snowman rug... and i got a little puppy.. keeping me up at nights

  7. Oh wow Pat - incredibily beautifully - yes let us know when you put up the items for sale!

  8. I am in love with those linens Pat! What incredible work! For eight hours of straight work you deserve a massage or something! I couldn't do it! Congrats on a beautiful job and the lovely product from your labor of love! Cathy G

  9. Pat, my friend has two cats...male and female they are brother and sister. Shes looking for a good home, her husband found out they are the cause of his allergies. They get along great, they are pretty. They are grey and white with black stripes and spots. If she takes them to our SPCA they will probably be put to sleep... they are 8 yrs old. Very friendly. They do go in the house. The male sometimes goes out side at nights...but the female likes to be in. they are litter trained. Didn't know if you were interested? :-) let me know!


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