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kitty companiona

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day trip to the Army Heritage Center

Today Brad was in his WW1 German uniform talking to visitors in front of the pillbox bunker at the Army Heritage Center in Carlisle, PA.  He loves this job!  Mostly when he works for them through the week he is entertaining school groups.  Today it was anyone who happened to follow the military history trail around the park.

I wasn't sure how many spectators he would get on a holiday so I decided he would at least have one.  ME!  I put on my comfy walking shoes and headed out.

These are the main buildings that house an extensive research library and archives and a museum with displays and interactive exhibits.

As you walk along the trail there are pieces of military equipment and representative structures from the French and Indian and colonial era up to the present.

The blockhouse and blacksmith shop were structures that were familiar in early American life.

The blacksmith is on duty.  Check the huge bellows that he uses to stoke the flames in the hearth to the proper temperature to heat the iron to the white-hot temperatures needed to bend it into shape.

A display of his hand forged wares.

A cannon and limber of the type that would have been used in the Civil War.  The limber behind the cannon held the artillery shells and the gun powder.

Off in the distance are the log huts that would have been used during a Civil War winter encampment.

Brad sitting on the entrance wall in front of the German pillbox.  The German army used these concrete fortifications in groups so that all the areas surrounding them could be covered by machine gun fire. 

The Viet Nam era, complete with helicopter and guard tower in the background.

20th Century artillery.  Not sure specifically which wars.

Indoor exhibits:

As it turned out, Brad had lots of interested listeners.  I was surprised at how may people were walking the trail and reading the exhibit signs.  I called him after he got home and said he had an enjoyable and busy day.  He didn't even have time between visitors to eat the lunch I had brought him.

Yesterday we had our family Memorial Day celebration with yard work and a cookout.  This past year we had too large trees taken down due to storm damage.  The brush was left in the yard because we are getting too old and lazy for heavy yard work.  The logs that were cut into lengths for the woodstove were also left out to 'cure', same reason as above.  And surprise!, grass is now a foot high in these places.  But aren't the poppies beautiful???

So now that I'm feeling better after losing weight I have some energy again and I can bend over.  Time to get to work on some of these h---holes. We hauled wood to the official woodpile and did weekeating in preparation for the lawn mower.  We also have a small run (ditch) that goes through our property and it has been growing thick with high grass.  Brad weedeated part of that.
Then it was time for a break and some clowning around before lunch.

We feasted on chicken kababs with pico de gallo and tortillas, cheddar cheese dogs, corn on the cob, and cheese stuffed grilled peppers, sweet and jalapeno.  Plus broccoli salad and a pasta salad with black beans and corn.  Even though all the food was healthy and Weight Watchers acceptable, I ate too much.  But it sure was good!

We had a great day!

Last Monday was my final trip to the wound clinic.  I have graduated.  Healed!
I can't believe that the gaping hole is filled in, covered by good new skin, and doesn't look bad except for some discoloration which I'm told will mostly go away in time.

Whoo-hoo!  I have a real leg again!

Now if I can just keep my klutzy self from doing any more damage to my body...

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