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kitty companiona

Saturday, January 26, 2013

It Ain't Pretty....!

But we'll get to that part later....

Along with the frigid weather, we got another three inches of snow yesterday.

The one positive thing I can say is that it makes for beautiful winter scenes.  As long as I can stay inside and be warm, I'm happy.

So far this winter I have not suffered from seasonal depression.  Credit is given to my changed eating habits.  What a great difference it makes to cut out most processed foods, sweets and junk!
I'm still following the Weight Watchers plan and have now lost 60+ pounds.

Since it's gotten cold, I've switched from the lovely green salads

to warm comforting foods.

All my meals are still heavy on the veggies, like this tomato, mushroom and spinach with a small amount of whole wheat pasta. 

It has been a very good winter for me.  I've been getting out and going to Weight Watchers meetings, a few rughooking gatherings, Zip and I have gone to Mechanicsburg to Wegmans and the huge Salvation Army thrift shop (lots of great bargains!) and bought ourselves a Wii.  Zip can spend all day playing the fishing games.  I'm not quite so thrilled with it as he is.  LOL!

In fact, I thought I was going to make it through the cold gray days without a problem,  UNTIL...the not so pretty part!

I fell. 
And made a very bad boo-boo on my leg, my ribs and my forearm.

I was rushing to the kitchen to take a casserole out of the oven.  I have to pass through he room Zip uses as his den with fly tying equipment, TV and guitars.  His desk is across from the woodstove and when he has it open and is sitting there playing the guitar, the passageway is rather narrow.  I was trying to get through and caught my foot on a piece of wood by the stove.  It flipped up and gave me a nasty crack on the leg.  I fell against the stove and ended up sitting in the woodpile.

All I could think of was the commercial on TV 'I've fallen and I can't get up!'  After a few minutes the pain seemed bearable enough that I could pull myself up on the woodbox.  I went into the bathroom and checked the leg and it looked so awful that I decided to go to the ER.  Zip drove me there.  They did x-rays and said nothing was cracked or broken.

Because my leg hurt so bad, I didn't even notice the pain in my ribs and wrist.  Later when I looked, I had bruises all down my left side.  I didn';t think I had burned myself on the stove, but when I looked closely at my arm, I realized that it was indeed burnt.

I won't show you the rib pictures!

Brad and Kami were really upset.  I hadn't called them until I came back home because I didn't want them to come to the hospital.  There were so many sick people in the waiting room who were coughing and sneezing that I was afraid B & K would be infected.

They came to the house the next day and decided to rearrange the room so that it would have a wider path for walking through.  And they did an excellent job!

My chair and the little desk are now across from the woodstove where Zip's flytying desk used to be.

Zip's desk is beside the stove so he can still be warm.  All the wood is back out of the way.

All Zip's books and tying equipment is neat and organized.  We can both see the TV from our favorite chairs.

Thank you, Brad and Kami!!!

I've been doing a lot of sitting around with my leg elevated, recovering with the help of kitties. 

Some knitting has been getting done.  I have to re-do the bottom of Mom's sweater.  I hope to get it finished so she can wear it this spring.
I will admit that I've been seduced into buying more yarn and a book of lovely patterns.  I'll show them in my next post.

Meanwhile, Isabel and I will be right here resting.

I love that calico fur!!!

Thanks for stopping by!