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kitty companiona

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Out and About

The weather has been a little bit warmer, not that awful below freezing windy stuff. So on Wednesday Zip and I decided to venture out.
I had just gotten in the mail a 50% off flyer from the Pennsylvania Fabric Outlet in Lemoyne. I must admit that I look forward to these sales! Gets me out of the immediate local area and there's usually a good restaurant involved!
The Outlet is in an old factory building. The owner has some cool antique sewing equipment decorating the window area. During the daytime the light comes streaming in through the windows along one wall. My pictures look a little dark because we were there at night. There really is good lighting, but the space is so huge that my flash didn't reach that far. This is just a general view of some fabric with the zipper wall in the background.

This wall of trim, ribbon, lace, etc. runs almost the whole length of the building.

This is largest wall of buttons. There's another shorter one, too!

They are getting a nice collection of calico for quilting.

There are lots of bridal and formal wear fabrics, a huge home dec area, and just lots of interesting stuff all at reasonable prices. There is a 99 cent table and a $1.99 a yard table. With the 50% off flyer, you can get some very inexpensive fabric! The only trouble is that being an outlet, when it's gone, it's really GONE!
My big purchase was 45 yards of interfacing. I think that should last nearly a lifetime! LOL!!! But I really like this particular kind and like I said, the chance may never come again.
Yes, there was a meal involved! We went to Carrabba's in Mechanicsburg. This is one of my favorite Italian restaurants. Zip had the most delicious pasta with spinach, mushrooms, and tomato sauce with cream, topped with crabmeat. I had seafood cannelloni, also yummy. They have delightful little desserts in shot glasses. Just the few bites, but the right amount to finish off a lovely meal.
On Thursday I went to the hook-in at Grant Street Woolworks.
As usual we had a fun time. Here's the afternoon group working and talking, of course.

Linda, Joanne, Marian and Donna
Joanne drove the whole way from eastern PA. Then lost her wallet when she made a stop in Shippensburg. Her adventures are posted in her blog Snippets and Scraps of My Mind. All ended well!!! And we were so glad she joined us for the hook-in!

Joanne always finishes rugs while she's here. And after I left she finished a little tree skirt.
I wonder if I drove 2 1/2 hours to a hook-in if I'd get something finished!!! LOL!

Marian is working on her heart rug. It's a big one! Her friend Donna came with her. She's a knitter. I'm sorry I didn't get a good picture of her work.
Joanne and Linda are discussing the colors on Linda's rug. Once again Linda provided us with a lovely selection of food to ward off starvation. Hooking and talking take a lot of energy.
Thank you, Linda!!!

Kathy and Tonya
Tonya and Kathy are in another hooking group together. Tonya came up from York, another long distance traveler. She was doing some beautiful primitive rugs.
I just love this one! She also had a star rug in progress, but the picture flew off into cyberspace while I was typing.

Just before I packed up to leave, Nancy arrived. Wish I had gotten a better picture. It's a nice large rug.
I've been hooking, but my rug doesn't look that much different than the last time I posted it. I was getting really tired of working on it. I joined the new rug hooking site My Front Porch and became inspired by one of the women, Cotton Eyed Jo mentioning that she didn't use a hoop or frame a lot of the time. Well, lately sitting at the frame has made my neck and shoulders stiff (along with being cold all the time!). I decided to lay the rug on the kitchen table and work on it. It took a little practice, but I like doing it that way. Amazingly, I don't seem to have the tendancy to pack as much. And anchored down by Deiter laying on the other end, it's working well! Now maybe I'll get moving on it.
That was a long one! If you made it to the end, ask yourself-
Don't I have anything more interesting to do???
Like Hooking???


  1. Oh my that looks like a really great place to shop. I think Pa. is a little far for me tho.
    Also the rugs you showed are fabulous. The last one looks like a Minick and Simpson pattern. Love the post, so interesting.

  2. Wow what a fabric store Pat - I would be totally overwhelmed in there (fish out of water!). So happy to see you on Thursday - love the stories of what's up with the furbabies. Still amazed you can hook with out a frame but you know - with Dieter anchoring it i can see where that can help! Too funny! Hope to see you next week!

  3. Hi Pat - what a terrific fabric store - a place to spend hours poking and looking. The notions look wonderful. So glad you had a good time at Grant st. I had a previous engagement and couldn't come - maybe next time. Hope to see you soon. My friend Barbara always hooks without a hoop and does beautiful work. I know you can too.

  4. I still haven't managed to get to that outlet yet. Will one day! Not sure if I would stay with hooking if I didn't have a frame, but one never knows. If I wanted to hook bad enough, I probably would find a way. Maybe you'll find the hooking less painful this way and will get more done. And what a better way to spend it with your cat, than on the other end of the rug holding it down for you lol. Too cute. Keep up the long posts, I love reading them! Even to the end :).

  5. Pat ~
    I, too, made it to the end. It's a great post! What on earth are you going to do with 45 yards of interfacing???
    Thanks for the all the pics from Grant Street. I love seeing what others are doing.
    Pug hugs :)

  6. Hi Lauren,
    I guess I'll share the interfacing with anyone who needs some. It keeps getting harder to find WOVEN interfacing. It's my favorite and this was their last roll!

  7. Oh Pat,
    I'd go BANANAS in that fabric place! I'd never make it past the buttons! Love it when you share the girls and their rugs. I'm just now starting to make the connections you have with some other bloggers! What a great group! I know you will make progress on that big rug now because Deiter is helping! Your posts are always interesting so don't worry about length. I never want a good book to end! LOL Cathy G

  8. Wow! Want to go there......and what a beautiful posting of rugs!


  9. thanks so much for sharing, especially the photo's.. love seeing others work - inspires me to get something of my own done. Hmmm I might try that hooking without a frame or hoop .. I cross stitch that way.. never thought of hooking that way.


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