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kitty companiona

Friday, January 15, 2010

A Big Fat Nothing Week


I'm feeling really guilty about my blog. It's just sitting here not being updated because I haven't done a darn thing worth talking about this week. I have been so lazy and worthless.
OK, there have been several large sinks full of dishes that I've waded through. You didn't want to see pictures of that, did you? And I didn't even cook anything good enough to merit the whole mess!
I did finish up a WW2 tunic for Brad and Kami. One of those jobs that I should never have agreed to in the first place. No Pattern, very sketchy body measurements, A few not that great pictures, and I'm supposed to make it FIT??? Now all I have to do is make the trousers this weekend.
I went out to eat on Wed. evening with my friends Willa and Diane. That was the highlight of the week. We hadn't gotten together for quite a while so had lots of catching up to do. Diane had on this lovely sweater in reds, orange, and gold with a wide collar truimmed in fringe. This got me to thinking that I needed to upgrade my wardrobe. Those of you who know me well, know that my idea of clothing shopping is stopping at KMart and grabbing a pair of jeans (yeah, the old lady kind with the elastic in the waist!) and a sweatshirt. Today I went to a real clothing store, tried on more tops than I am old, and came home with 3 tops and a shawl. I guess that's a start!
I have done a little bit of weaving, but it's the same pattern that I've shown before, only in a different color. I haven't been hooking at all. I think I have the winter blaaaaahs!
Even though I don't sound like it right this moment, I AM grateful for having a good life. There is so much tragedy in the world. It just really depresses me when I don't have anything creative to show for my week. I guess my identity is too dependent on what I DO.
The happy thought is that it was 40+ degrees today! And the days are getting longer.
We are looking forward to receiving our seed catalog.
Spring isn't that far away is it???


  1. Miss Pat - give yourself a break - we all have days (and in my case weeks) of that! And obviously you needed the break - it's doing something by doing nothing! LOL Congrats on the shopping! That's one thing I love to do is shop!

  2. Yes, relax. Just consider it "charging your batteries". We all need to take some down time. And then, once you are re-charged......Look Out!!!

  3. Pat, can you take me shopping? I try on and try on and come home with nothing. Good for you!!! It's always nice to girlfriend time. Sounds like you had fun.
    I too haven't kept up on posting. Been reading everyone elses, but don't feel like I have a lot to say. Was supposed to update mine last night but didn't. Will try today. Have a wonderful weekend! We missed you at the hook in on Thursday~!

  4. Pat,
    I, too, have the blahs and haven't gotten a thing done. I think part of it is it being January (so gloomy!) and the fact that I have a killer cold that has knocked the wind out of my sails. Luckily I don't get sick often because I am not a good sick person. In fact, I'm off to hide under the covers for a while!
    Pug hugs :)

  5. Hi Pat - I'm in the same boat! I haven't updated blog because I have done nothiung inteesting - it's that time of year. Maybe if it gets a bit warmer it will be better and the juices will begin to flow. Hi to Zippity do dah!


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