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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lazy Weekend

My week started out being a bummer. I had nosebleeds several times a day for several days. Kinda scared the crap out of me! I think it came from the dry air in the house since we're using the woodstove continually. We have now put a LARGE pan of water nearby and that seems to help.

And it has been COLD!!! Miserably cold! Cold to the point where I-won't-go-out-of-the-house cold! But I guess all of you have noticed that the weather is less than desirable!!! Between the frigid outdoors and the chance that my nose might spout a gusher, I decided not to go to Grant Street for the hook-in this week.

Also Brad and Kami were at Fort Indiantown Gap for a WW2 reenactment this week. The only place Zip and I went all week was up to their place to feed the cats. And of course, this event always happens during the coldest weather of the winter so I have to worry about their water pipes freezing while they're gone. They didn't, the water pipes. I did, worry! Thank goodness they are at home safely with their woodstove going.

I decided to get out of misery mode (but not out of my flannel nightgown!) and do some hooking this weekend. It was marathon hooking! Listening to books on CD, ordering out for pizza hooking. Not to be outdone, Zip had a nothing but play the guitar and watch TV weekend.

I think I'm past the halfway mark!

I also drew up a new rug that I will be doing for the S-M-I-L-E Challenge on Rug Hooking Daily. The challengees were given a design component (which included the word 'smile') and are to design a rug or mat, or whatever hooked project using the component. We have till the end of March to complete our project. Then all the projects will be featured on the RHD website. So I can't show you anything till then.

Tomorrow is Kami's birthday. Tuesday evening we're taking her out to dinner to celebrate.
I need to put a new warp on the loom but am still deciding which pattern I want to do next. Now I think it's time to wander off to bed.
Happy Hooking!


  1. Hi Pat,
    I hope you are feeling better. Nose bleeds sound pretty scary! I know about the dryness and that could certainly cause it. We burn wood as you know so we keep a huge humidifier going constantly. I also use a vaporizer in the bedroom every night. It all seems to help. Your rug is coming along beautifully! It is so gorgeous! Tomorrow is Feb! Yay! I can't wait for this cold weather to be gone.....10 below here again tonight! Keep well! Cathy G

  2. Beautiful rug - I love the colors. CAn't believe how big it is!

  3. Oh Pat that rug is gorgeous! You best hold on to it lest it disappear at a hook-in! Hope your nosebleeds are gone - they are scary when you get several in a row- if you keep getting them you better get to a doc! glad the pan of water is helping - My parents always had some on top of our wood stove growing up - that and a big old coffee pot looking thing! Happy b-day to Kami! Have a great week

  4. Hi Pat

    I burn wood too and what I do is place a camping kettle filled with water on a trivet and place it right on the top of the stove. Once a week, if there is any water left, I dumped and put in fresh. It helps.

    By the way, your rug is wonderful.

  5. Hi Pat - The rug looks great. I am worried about the nose bleeds. I hate to mention it but you and I are no longer 21 so please see a doctor! Its probably nothing but why don't you reassure all of us who love you and need you as our friend? Please take care of yourself.

  6. Pat what a beautiful rug. What a treasure you will have.
    Hope the nose bleed go away for good.
    Take care

  7. The colors in your rug are gorgeous. Very complimentary of the design. I struggle with color planning.

  8. pat... missed you at grant street.. first time ive been there in months!! your rug is beautiful as usual.. how do you keep your loops so even.. mine are always uneven... i have lots of headaches and sinus troubles when my house is really dry... get a humidifier its worth it!!

  9. Pat, the rug looks fantastic! Keep going with it~~
    Sure hope the nosebleeds have stopped and the pans of water are helping. I have never had a nose bleed, ever. My younger brother would get them sooooo bad. used to scare me.
    Hope to see you soon. Perhaps it might be a tad warmer come Thursday for you to venture out. :)


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