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kitty companiona

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Those of you who live in the northeast know that we have had one frustrating week!

The snow started last Thursday, continued into Saturday with an accumulation in our area of about 24 inches. This is just after sunrise on Sunday.

It was even deep on the front porch!

This is just before sunset out my back kitchen window. Beautiful!

But not so beautiful out front where the vehicles are covered till you can hardly see them and we can't get out of our parking spaces. Thank goodness we have a farmer down the road who kindly uses his tractor to plow out our driveway area.

This is just before sunrise on Tuesday morning. Isn't there an old saying about 'red in the morning, travelers take warning'???

Well, about three hours later the snow started all over again!

And here it is, Wednesday afternoon and we are still experiencing blizzard conditions! YUCK!!!

One good thing that's happened during all this mess is that we have had to stay home and I have gotten a lot of hooking done. I've worked on my SMILE challenge rug and have it completed out to the border. I got up to answer the phone and when I returned, there was Deiter, snuggled up on my work. I'm really having a good time with this project. Can't wait to show it, but must wait till everyone is finished, with a projected unveiling at the end of March. Since you really can't see the design, I thought it would be OK to show it adorned by Deiter.

He has been spending his time alternately sleeping and watching the flakes fall outside.

I don't have enough wool of the right color to do the border, so I'm kind of stuck until I get out to get some more dye.

I've worked on the album quilt rug too. I didn't take any pictures because it looks pretty much as it did the last time I posted about it.

I really haven't felt like doing much besides hooking. I'm sick of cooking, the dishes are piling up in the sink, I just can't function with the weather being such a mess. After four solid days of hooking and listening to books on CD, I feel like my brain is MUSH!!!

I hope we can get dug out before Saturday. I am supposed to be going to a rug hooking workshop given by Jane Halliwell Green on shading with wider strips. Hope there is not a cancellation!

And just for fun (we gotta get some enjoyment out of this mess!) I'm posting a recipe for snow ice cream. Mom used to make this when we were kids. I know, the fear of all the junk in the atmosphere is a concern, but don't you think after 24 inches of this stuff, the pollution should be cleaned out??? LOL!
I sit a 9 x 13 pan in a sheltered place where the snow is still able to blow in. When you have a pan full,
Put snow in a large mixing bowl.
Add 1/2 cup sugar (or less if you don't like too sweet)
1/2 tsp. vanilla
Add about 1/2 cup milk, and begin stirring.
Keep adding milk and stirring till it is the consistency of ice cream.

As I am sitting here typing the wind is blowing, the snow is flying, and I can hardly see the house across the road.

Do you remember me mentioning before Christmas that I love to see the snow falling???
Just shoot me!!!

Until next time, I hope you are safe and warm!


  1. Pat ~
    You win!!! You have MUCH more snow than we do. You are soooooo lucky {not}! Enough is enough, isn't it? I do hope you get dug out and can go to the hook-in. Sounds like so much fun. Be sure to take lots of pictures.
    Oh, the pic of Deiter facing the camera is precious!
    Pug hugs :)

  2. Pat,
    I LOVE that photo of Dieter showing his 3 black spots on his back! Then your eye moves to the one black ear.........Hmmmm a rug idea maybe? He looks so wonderfully soft and healthy. A sign of a very good Momma. Looks like you've survived round number two! There's probably not a case of beer left in all of PA. LOL Cathy G

  3. Oh Pat - I'm there with you - too much snow - and it's still falling! The plow hasn't even gone thru here since around noon - People were tromping around with the snow up past their knees this afternoon - I'm afraid to even look outside anymore - I know I had a red car out there but just can't see it anymore!

  4. I'm not even going to mention the word of the white stuff. I've had enough too!
    I can't wait to see this new piece you've done.
    And I'm laughing so hard right now because I can't wait to show Nicole your post. She just went to bed, or I'd call her down here. She was making that snow ice cream today LOL. Only she didn't have a recipe and she was estimating. She made me taste it, and well, I'll pass lol. I think she put in too much vanilla. What a coincidence though! Hope to see you soon...

  5. Hi Pat - Love the snow??? Hope your love will treat you right!! That is, that it melt soon. I think we will all be stir crazy by the time we can get out. Dieter is a love. Keep hooking.

  6. The snow is getting old...I have a very clean house now...!!! Did you ever do A hooked rug of Deiter.. that would be really cool!

  7. Yes, I think we've had enough snow for one winter.

    We used to melt the snow and wash our hair in it. Where we lived in North Dakota our ground water was salty so we were so excited to have this salt free water. Made our hair so soft.


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