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kitty companiona

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


No, not the scent created by the famous designer. It's the compulsive need to keep working on this sunflower piece. I just can't keep my hands off it!!! I just can't wait to work on the next area to see how it will work out. I am really loving working on this!

It is really out-of-the-box for me. I usually don't like yellows and oranges, but that's what came with the workshop kit. And amazingly, it's kinda cool! This is what I got done yesterday.

I did get to Chambersburg to the meeting of the Cumberland Valley hookers. It was a small but cozy group. Lots of hooking getting done and plenty of talking. Marjorie is working on a miniature rug.

Wouldn't it look great in a doll house? Or as a small table mat?

My pictures aren't the best. I was too busy working and waited till the last minute. Thelma is working on the border of a large oval floral rug. Sandy's checkerboard is in the foreground.

Everyone is seriously hooking. We hardly took time to have lunch!

Ruth has just started on a huge poinsetta rug. Karen's rug (on the floor) is a geometric with native American motifs on soft muted colors. It's absolutely lovely!

It was a nice relaxed opportunity to get some hooking done while sharing ideas with friends.
Speaking of friends, I recently received two lovely gift packages from my Secret Friend. We exchanged secret friend names at Grant Street Woolworks at our Christmas hook-in. And mine must know me Very Well, because I have received gifts that are just perfect!
Handwoven Magazine!!! Whoo-hoo! And coffee to drink while I'm reading! And sweet pea seeds to keep me dreaming of spring. My grandmother used to grow sweet peas on her fence, so I am especially fond of them.
And then she sent me a lovely soft cable knit scarf because winter really isn't over yet! LOL!
And some interesting weaving and quilting articles. Now my dear Secret Friend! Do you notice that the Hershey's Bliss Raspberry Chocolates are missing from the picture??? Now I wonder where they have gotten to! I must have put them somewhere to keep them safe! hehehe!!!

Thank you so much, my dear Secret Friend! You have been so very generous! And I appreciate all of it!!!
Once again, I've worked all day on the sunflower pillow top. Today was not quite as successful as yesterday. Those big leaves are driving me crazy! I've done them over half a dozen times and am still not sure i like the effect. I've always had a terrible time shading leaves. Is that why I usually don't do florals???
Anyone have any suggestions for hooking a better leaf? I like the little ones, but those big ones need improvement! I don't want to ruin the whole thing with lousy leaves!!!

Any suggestions will be appreciated!
Happy Hooking!


  1. I think the whole sunflower rug is scrumptious.
    The leaves look great. It inspires me to do more shading even when I use a #8 or larger.

  2. I love the rug! I should have taken that class danggone it!

  3. Pat ~
    Your sunflower is stunning! I think once you get more background filled in around the leaf it will be just perfect.
    What a great Secret Friend you have. What fun.
    Pug hugs to your furbabies :)

  4. I LOVE your sunflower rug! The sunflowers are stunning! I think the leaf looks great now but you may see it differently when the background gets hooked. You know how that changes the way things look. Some lovely gifts you got there from a nice secret friend. Cathy G

  5. Your sunflower is gorgeous!!! It's so nice to see some flowers! The only suggestion I dare make about big leaves is to make one side darker? Kinda of like it's in the shadow, or curling under? Whatever you decide, I'm sure it will look great! Looking forward to more progress pics! :-)

  6. Pat, it looks fantastic! So glad you are enjoying it now. Wish I could help with the leaves. I think it looks fine by the picture.
    Your secret pal sure gave you a wonderful assortment of goodies :)

  7. Pat I am gooing to take my sunflower out after seeing yours. It is beautiful. Mine is a mess!!! I do have a suggestion about the large leaves and I will show you what I mean, weather permitting, on Thurs. as I am planning to come to Cburg. Glad you got to the hook-in I miss coming to that group and should make a better effort to get there. See you soon - roving!

  8. It is absolutely gorgeous. Your shading is wonderful. I love it. Don't second guess yourself - its lovely!

  9. Love the SunFlower Rug, the colors of yellow and orange work well together.


  10. Can you take one more "I love your sunflower"!! It really is gorgeous ~ rich with color! I think the leaf works ~ wait till your background is in ~ then decide!!

  11. Oh Pat you are doing such beautiful work on your sunflower! wow! Oh and my vote is for Deiter - i bet he's the one that ate your chocolate! Yep - that would be my story!


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