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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Out of the House....At Last!

This has been a busy week!
It started by my going out to dinner with my friends Willa and Diane. Both are 'fiber people'- weavers, spinners, knitters, etc. We try to get together once a month and have dinner at any new and interesting restaurant we can find.

This month we went to Bombay, an Indian restaurant on Wayne Ave. in Chambersburg. In the past we've had to go to Harrisburg for Indian food, but now we are happy to have one close by. And a good one too! Very dignified atmosphere and so nice and CLEAN!!!

This is an appetizer called bhelpuri, a deep fried fritter with onions, tomatoes, potatoes and spinach. They were yummy.

I forgot my camera, so Willa kindly provided the pictures from when she and her husband had eaten there. This is an entree featuring lamb (I forget what it is called) with a serving of naan, the traditional Indian bread baked in the tandoor oven. The tandoor originally was a large oval shaped earthenware crock with an open bottom. A fire was made in the bottom, heating the pot hot enough to roast meat and bake bread. Nowdays, of course, tandoors are electric and look like a ceramic kiln.
We had a wonderfully friendly waitress named Vanessa (ask for her if you eat there!). If you have never tried Indian cuisine, there is a buffet lunch every day where you can sample the different menu items.
I will never travel the world, sad to say. I would really like to!!! But in the meantime, I plan to at least get the flavor of exotic places by enjoying the food!
Now back to home!
Thursday was the hook-in at Grant Street. It's beginning to look like Easter! Look at these wonderful pastel wools that Kathy and Linda have dyed to make those bunny rugs!

The dyepots have been bubbling! Linda overdyed some heathery gray wool and the result is these beautiful deep colors. The picture is too bright and does not do justice to the depth of color. You have to see them in person to appreciate how nice these wools are!

And here is the worm basket. This is the place where you can dig through and find that little spark of color. That very small piece of wool needed to do a flower center, the vein in a leaf, the band on a snowman's hat.

This is the rug Linda is working on. Didn't get a picture of Linda herself. She was pretty busy in the sewing room working on uniforms and supervising Barb and Sarah.
This is a nice big rug that looks like an appliques quilt with log cabin blocks between the flower squares.
Doris came and brought her wonderful PA German inspired rug. I wanted to steal it!!! Doris, if this rug is ever missing, you know where to look! I haven't seen nearly all of Doris's rugs but I know this has to be my favorite!
The colors are just stunning!!!

Kathy is happily working on a circular piece in big wide strips. Nice colors!

Jill is almost finished her sheep and is looking forward to starting on her next design. She and Bath are both looking very serious in the pictures.

See what I mean!
Beth's bird and cherry brancy is looking great!

This is Miriam. She's new to our group and a new hooker. Look how well she's doing for her first time! If you checked Jill's blog, you would have seen that she got both her sheep done and they looked very nice.

Yesterday Zip and I went to the Mannings near East Berlin. For those of you who have never been there, it is like spinners and weaver's Heaven! More yarn than a person can imagine!!! Plus books, magazines, equipment of all kinds! Looms, spinning wheels, knitting needles, and anything you would ever need for the fiber crafts.
And what did I get??? A cone of natural wool to dye to bind my rug! Yep, that's all.
Because it's done...the hooking, that is!

Horay!!! Now I can put away all the strips and scraps that have been littering my kitchen table while I was finishing the final area of the border. And I ended up with less than a dozen worms! I HATE LEFTOVER WORMS!!!! I've tried to teach myself not to cut ahead very far. For the first time it has worked out well!
I think I've written enough. It's time to get out the dyepot and do some wool for whipping!
Happy Hooking!


  1. I bet getting out and feeling the fresh air felt good Pat! Still can't wait till it warms up though :).
    Wow, your rug is wonderful. Congratulations on finishing it!! Doesn't really seem that long since you started it. And to have less than a dozen worms left? You go girl!!!

  2. Your rug is beautiful. Good idea not cutting ahead on your wool.
    I have so many cut strips left over I have rolled them into balls by color. Lots of work, but they do look nice in a basket.
    Really nice post.

  3. Hey Pat - that rug is gorgeous - and if that ever goes missing.... Love the rug show from Grant Street! Now that's photo's of Jill and Beth you don't see much (No smiles!) Glad to see Kathy is actually sitting and working! Bet if felt good to get out and about - You won't believe this - but it's SNOWING here today again! URGHHHHHHHH

  4. Pat ~
    Beautiful wool!
    Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful pictures! What beautiful rugs. Yours is absolutely gorgeous. If it goes missing, you can't blame me since I'm too far away...but watch out for Joanne...and Kathy...and...
    Pug hugs :)

  5. Your rug finished up simply gorgeous! Lots of time and thought went into it... What an accomplishment! A day out in the fresh air is always a spirit lifter! I'm going to have to take your advice about cutting as I hook along... always seems like I have baskets full of leftovers! ~Sharon

  6. Pat your rug is lovely. I can't believe that it's finished already. I hope that Indian place is open for lunch and that you and I can go there one Thursday. I'd love to try it. Loved your blog this time. See you soon.

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