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kitty companiona

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Just Spending the Day Rughooking....

Hi, Deiter here!

Mom is usually the one telling you about HER rug hooking exploits. I thought today in the interest of fairness, I would put a paw to the keyboard and tell my part of the story.

I know that cats have a reputation for just lying around in the sun (hasn't been much of THAT lately!) and doing nothing but sleeping. But I, in fact, am the productive one here! My hooking skills are finely honed. And why wouldn't they be??? Have you looked closely at a cat's claws lately? What do they resemble? LITTLE HOOKS!!!

But rughooking etiquette requires that I lay aside my own more than adequate hooks and take up this one with the slippery wooden handle.

Isn't it nice to have a hobby where you can lay on a nice round comfortable pad while working? As a cat, I'm particularly fond of round shapes. Come on, you pesky little tool! Get up here where I can work with you!

Aaa-ha! Finally got it!
Now where shall I start? How about along that little border.

Every once in a while I have to check underneath to make sure I didn't miss any places. I also get kind of crazy and excited when I'm hidden under there! It makes me WILD!!! Cats, you may not know, have very vivid imaginations.

Sometimes Mom says I get a little too wild!!! She doesn't like it when I reverse hook!
After such a productive day I need to lay and contemplate my work. I think I did an excellent job and am rather proud of myself!

So don't believe Mom when she tells you how much hooking she gets done. YOU KNOW THE TRUTH!
Now I think I'll go and see if I can find some sun....
Purrrrr, purrrrrr, purrrrrrr!


  1. Deiter ~
    I am very impressed with your work and I bet your mom is, too. I'm just going to have to take it with a grain of salt when she talks about all the hooking SHE has done! I do hope you will post more of your work soon.
    Pug hugs :) {{I hope you like dogs!}}

  2. Hi Dieter!
    Maybe you could stop by and teach Smokey and Max how to hook like that! Whatever that is you're hooking looks mighty interesting! I can see that you have been a big help for your Mom! Some delicious treats are in order I'll bet! Cathy G

  3. Hey Deiter,

    good job with your hooking...looks like you are using some very thin strips of wool too...hope you get some sunshine soon...we are going mad with cabin fever here in Ohio!

  4. Deiter looks to be having a good time.


  5. Oh Deiter,
    You did a wonderful job. I guess I will have to teach Millie how to hook soon. Her main function is "Rug Inspector" but it might be time for her to learn more about the craft! lol

  6. Dieter ~ You have a look of authority and you take ownership of your rug ~ we like that! I'm sure your proud owners are just glad that you let them live there!! I love your attitude, pussycat!!!!!!!

  7. Hey Deiter - Why don't you come over and we can have a "Paw In" - Our Mom gets mad when we reverse hook too - what's up with those Moms? We let our Mom do the hooking but we are quality control department - we spend days and days testing them for comfort while they are being made! Love Riley and Jonesy and Miles

  8. Well, I see you kitties have finally caught on to this hookling business. My mom has been hooking all of this week like a mad women. She has the most comfortable chair in the house and I sit in it with her and supervise the whole process. It's such fun to be a supervisor!


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