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kitty companiona

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I'm Disgusted!

The spinning yarn for the sweater vest continues and it's still not good.  I have wasted so much time lately trying to get the yarn right for the pattern and nothing I'm doing looks the way I want it too.  So far I have worked for three days on this project and I'm not making any progress.  I just hate the results!!!
It's time to lay this to rest!
It's the end of the sweater season anyway.  If I want to make this sweater it's time to go to Hobby Lobby and BUY yarn.  Or look for bargain yarn over the summer and make the darned thing next fall.

Now that I got that off my ample chest, I'm happy to say that the sun's shining and the weather is BEAUTIFUL!  And I've been sitting inside fiddling with....OK!  I'm really over it!!!

Tomorrow is the hook-in at Grant Street and I'm planning to go and take my sunflower pillow and resume work on it.  Maybe I can get myself back to happy by filling in the dark green background.  Or I could start on my little cat mat.

I really didn't want to start something bigger before the Norma Batastini class the second week in April, so I'm kinda at loose ends until then. 

Also there's the Woolwrights hook-in on Saturday in Lancaster.  A whole car load of us (Kathy, Doris, Sherry and I)  are going with Linda doing the driving.   Should be a fun time!

Zip just returned from an afternoon of fly fishing.  I guess it's time to get dinner ready.  


  1. You gave it your best shot Pat! I'm sure when you decide to pick it up things will fall in place better! Just wasn't meant to be right now! Enjoy the hook-in Sat. Will be waiting to hear how it went! Stay safe and happy! Cathy G

  2. Have a fun time at the hook in and I really like the cat pattern. I like how it carries over into the border. Not so rigid with everything being inside the border.

  3. Pat ~
    Sorry the spinning is not going well ;(
    It was a beeyootiful day in northern Ohio. I got some much needed yard work done ;)
    Have fun at Grant Street and your hook-in. I bet you all will have fun and lots of laughs. Please take lots of pictures to share!
    Pug hug :)

  4. Did Zip bring home the dinner? Oh Pat - that yarn looked great to me - What about making a different pattern of a lightweight cardigan or something different that doesn't require bulky yarn? Anyway - You know I love that cat mat - so cute! Will miss you guys at the hook-in!

  5. Oooooh Pat... I feel your frustration... at least it was a learning experience? I tried a few things that didn't bring the anticipated results too! I guess, in a weird way, it's part of the learning/growing process? Have a super great time at the hook-in on Saturday! I thought about going.... but it's about 6 hours of driving (both ways) from here and that's too much for me in one day.

  6. That spinning thing can get really frustrating. I know how you feel. Sorry I missed the hook-in on Saturday but thought it just to long a day for me so I spent the day hooking all by myself. Hope to see you next Thursday. Grant street is such fun!


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