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kitty companiona

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Hooking Continues...

Monday was a beautiful day! Warm and sunny...just delightful! Almost too nice to be inside, but I drove down through orchard country to the Blue and Gray hook-in near Biglerville.

Since we hadn't had a meeting for several months, the group was quite large. Everyone seemed very eager to chat and see what new projects were being done. There were so many rugs laying on the floor for display that I couldn't get all the names of the creators. I'll mention the ones I can remember.

This is only one small part of the group in general.

Here is Marion working on a huge, very detailed rug. The green scrolls are just amazingly lovely!
Marian M. was more involved in choosing her chicken order than hooking (she's hiding behind the catalog). She is trying to talk Zip and I into getting a few. I think they are more work than we really would like, but Marian keeps reminding me how good those fresh eggs taste!

The squarrel mat. Don't know who hooked it, but it's cute.

Marion who is hooking on that other huge rug, did this one also. I don't know how long it took her, but it is an amazing work of art!

Nice primitive pumpkins!

Joyce is working on this lovely little house.

Another beautifully shaded flower rug.

Becky is doing this delightful primitive.

And more wonderful rugs. And a kitty bag!

Doris did this rug with the very interesting and effective background.

Just a few more of the many rugs on display.

I only had a small amount of whipping to finish on my album quilt rug which I finished while I was there. It was a great time to catch up on all the latest news. There was also a selection of patterns, books, wool and hooking supplies being offered for sale. I had forgotten to take my checkbook so had to restrain myself from getting too involved in the buying.
So the album quilt rug is finished, my SMILE challenge rug is finished. All I have on the go now is the sunflower pillow top.
Lately I've been so seriously involved in hooking that I'm feeling the need for a change of pace. Since I bought that sock yarn a while back at Hobby Lobby, I thought that may be my next project. I want to learn how to knit two socks at the same time on one long circular needle using the Magic Loop technique. My friend Dottie gives free knitting lessons every Thursday evening at the Shippensburg Public Library. She had agreed to help me get started.
So I went to the Yarn Basket in Chambersburg to purchase the proper circular needle and came out with this funky, fairly easy pattern for a vest!

I dug through my yarn stash and of course I don't have the proper weight of yarn for this project. So....I decided that maybe since I have a huge supply of fiber just waiting for the moths, maybe I should spin some of it into yarn for the vest. Do you all see where this is going??? Is there insanity at work here???

Do you think natural wool with little flecks of purple, blue and pink silk would look good, or should I dye the roving? Maybe black???
More craziness!


  1. You are so talented Pat! Is there anything you don't know how to do? LOL Can't wait to see if you spin the yarn! That vest pattern is way cute too! Cathy G

  2. Those are some gorgeous rugs from some talented hookers! WOW! They really are ALL great! TWO socks on one circular needle?!?!? Is that possible? LOL! I'm trying one sock at a time... new to knitting. How about dying that roving a nice chocolate brown? It's the new black... ;-)

  3. Honestly Pat - what don't you do! Wish I had your talent! Oh wow - you are crazy - spinning the yarn - next I will hear about you raising sheep along with those chickens! LOL oh and Sharon above - loves anything "chocolate covered" - Can't wait to see your yarn!

  4. Haha! Joanne, we were planning to get sheep when we retired. But hauling buckets of water out to the shed in winter is not our idea of fun! LOL!! So scratch that idea! Think I'll stick to the cats. People do spin cat hair, but I'd rather decorate my floor with it!

  5. Pat! Get chickens! They are not hard work!! I have 4 right now and plan on ordering more from the feed store. I can buy chickens just getting ready to lay for $5 a piece and they will lay for a couple years!! They are a rhode island red mix. I also want to get an incubator to hatch some babys for the kids to see. But i have done it before and ended up with all roosters!!!! Doris's siloutte rug is absolutley amazing! I think it is my very favorite fine hooked rug! Glad to see your doing well! Hope to see you soon!

    March 10, 2010 6:13 PM

  6. My, my, my Pat. You amaze me with what you've been doing! I can't even imagine knitting 2 socks at one time. That's wild. Congrat's on getting your rugs finished. You'll be done with the sunflower rug real soon. Even though I'm a chocolate lover too, I think a shade of brown would be very pretty. The natural might be tooo natural, if that makes sense. Can't wait to see it!

  7. Pat ~
    You amaze me. I'm with the others ~ ~ ~ WHAT CAN'T YOU DO???
    I wouldn't know how to knit one sock, let alone two at one time. I don't know much about knitting, but I've never heard of that.
    Thanks for the rug show ;-)
    Pug hugs :)

  8. My such beautiful rugs. I love the cat it is so realistic. And the florals, goodness such talent.
    I have not heard of knitting 2 socks on circular needles, but want to know more. When I see people knitting socks and they have 3 needles going into a triangle I get really confused just looking at it.

  9. Thank You for Sharing, they are all beautiful


  10. Purple and pink as is def.!!!! Your my hero!!


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