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kitty companiona

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Elf

The Elf rug was just posted on the Rug Hooking Daily site and now I can show it here also.
All those weeks when I didn't have any pictures of my work in progress, this is what I was doing.  I bet you thought I was just sitting around eating chocolates!  Well, I did that too!

The purpose of the S-M-I-L-E challenge was to do something different, to stretch our limits a bit.  The lady who initiated the challenge is a hooker with a quirky sense of humor named Sunny Andress.  She stated that we were to pick a 'season' and think of the colors associated with that season.  Then she sent us a small drawing that we were supposed to use in our hooked piece.  We could change the picture somewhat, but it still had to look like an elf with the words smile in it's hands.

I AM NOT AN ELF person!!!  But the challenge was fun and I like the results.  Yellow is not a color I commonly use in my work, nor is aqua blue.  We could also emblellish with 'bling' but since mine would be a rug, I opted not to do that.

Closeup of the elf face.

I had some problems getting the binding right.  Was going to whip it with yarn, but after two attempts at dying, and both colors coming out too bright, I gave that up.
Then decided to whip with fabric strips.  Didn't look right either.
Finally ended up binding with a bias strip of wool.  I had done so much modifying and starting over that in the end I only had a 1/4 inch edge of burlap left!!!  Yikes!  I put glue on it and let it dry, then applied the bias wool strip.  Seems to be holding together OK.

That's the story of the Elf rug.

To see what other hookers have done with the design, check Rug Hooking Daily in a few days.  There should be an Album set up so that all our designs will be in the same place and ready for viewing.
Also check Sunny Andress's page for the wonderful, humorous designs that she has created.  They are so much fun!

Happy Hooking!


  1. Pat! Your rug is great!! It doesn't look like you were challenged a bit!! Very nice colors and detail!!! Sunnie is an online friend and I hope she and I meet someday ~ she'll love your rug!!!

  2. Pat, I am not an elf person myself either but I just love this rug! The colors you put together are just beautiful and your work is flawless....You are very talented! :)
    I may need lessons.....I hope to start mine soon!

  3. Now how clever is that?!?! I love it! Especially the way you worked the elf in sun colors so he's there, but not obviously there! All your shading and color throughout the piece is wonderful! Great rug!

  4. You did a marvelous job! I think the border is fantastic and I love the way you did the elf in the sun! I'm glad you saved the 1/4 inch to bind it! LOL That must have been scary! It turned out fabulous! Cathy G

  5. I have seen this rug in person, and I have to say that Pat did a Wonderful job with it! Cutting the wool on the bias made a beautiful touch to the piece! Her loops are perfect too!

  6. Pat ~
    What a great job on a rug that is not "you". Your talents continue to amaze me.
    Happy Easter to you, Zip and the furbabies!
    Pug hugs :)

  7. Pat - Your rug is great- I'm not an "elf" person either but this is fun! Where do you find RHdaily? Oh my how is Sunny? Haven't kept up with her lately - I have met her in person and she is one of the best around! She's warm and genuine and just a bundle of energy and inspiration!

  8. Pat, I love how your SMILE rug turned out. And your elf is adorable--reminds me of some of the Flower Fairy folk. Thanks for putting a smile on my face this morning!

  9. Pat you have been busy. I am ever amazed at the amount of work you get done. Kudos on another beautiful project - love the elf!

  10. Your elf brought a smile to my face. Great job. Its good to stretch ourselves creatively once in awhile.

  11. I also saw this rug in "person" and It is GREAT! Great job, Pat! One of these days I am going to become a HOOKER..between you, Teresa and Tarrah all this talk about hooking has me intrigued....Not sure if I will be as talented as all of you.
    Have a HAPPY EASTER..Eat LOTS of Chocolates!

  12. I LOVE< LOVE LOVE it!! He looks sooo cute and onery!! Im more into elves and fairies now that I have added them to my garden last year!!
    Great Job!!

  13. Pat, I agree I'm not an elf person either until I saw your rug. The colors and design is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! You are so talented!!!!
    Could you tell us the size of your rug?
    Happy Easter to you and Zip.

  14. Hi Barb,
    The rug is approx 24 inches in diameter.

    Happy Easter to you and your family!

  15. It looks great Pat!!! I just love it!

    I'll be giving you a call here real soon! Just waiting for my hubby to put the hinges on the writing desk!

    Happy Easter!


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