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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Aaaaaah, Finally Time to Hook

This past weekend I had a big sewing order to finish for Brad and Kami.  I had been procrastinating, as usual!  But when they said that it had to be shipped on Wednesday, it was crunch time!

I did not go to the hook-in in Lancaster.  I stayed home and sewed.  A tailored jacket, blouse and skirt to be exact!  But the work is done, we delivered it.  So as of yesterday afternoon, I am free to hook again for a while.

And that's what I did!  I finished my sunflower pillow top that I started in the Jane Halliwell Green class that I took about a month ago.  Well, not 'finished' by Kathy's standards.  The HOOKING is done.  It may be a looooong time before it actually becomes a pillow!  With a label.

There were small morning glories in the corners, but I opted to leave them out.  I didn't like them done in the shades of blue that were included in the kit.  I also tried white with some yellow and orange, but no matter what I did, they looked like blobs!    It just looks better without them.  So it's done!

Sunday was Brad's birthday.  The BIG FOUR O!
I think he was pretty traumatized by it!  We had a small lunchtime party at my Mom's.  Then yesterday we took him and Kami out to eat at the new Indian restaurant in Chambersburg.  He didn't want any pictures taken to commemorate the occasion.  In fact, he wanted to NOT make it an occasion!

It gave me a lot to think about too.  My baby is 40?  How time flies!!!  Was it that long ago that I was forty?  I certainly don't feel old mentally, though some of the physical stuff I could do without!

I tried to tell Brad that the best of his life is yet to come.  That being older and more mature has it's rewards.  He said, OH!  Like the 10% senior discounts.  hahaha!!!   Maybe...  But more like having a better appreciation of the joys that living can bring.  I have truly enjoyed the years since 40, much more than the ones before.

I've been playing with the new and improved method of adding pictures.  Look!  I can put them anywhere and don't have to load them in backwards order!  Whoo-hoo!!!  The Old Dog can learn a new trick after  all!
Now that I'm done bragging, maybe I better sign off before something happens to make the whole post fly off into cyberspace and never be seen again!

Enjoy the Spring weather!!!
Happy Hooking! 


  1. Good Morning, Pat! I love your sunflower ~ it's perfect just the way it is! My youngest son turned 40 last year ~ it's hard to believe that I'm old enough to have kids in their 40's ~ time flies when you're having fun! And I don't know about the 'new and improved' way of adding photos ~ it's always such a nuisance to add them in backwards ~ what do I need to know?
    Have a good day!

  2. Oh your sunflower is fantastic.
    Beautiful shading.

  3. Oh Pat! Your sunflower pillow is gorgeous! Beautiful balance and shading in the flower and the leaves! Perfect! I'll be turning 40 in about 3 months... your statement of "having a better appreciation of the joys that living can bring" is SO VERY true!!!! As (for me) that has already begun! :-) Hugs and smiles to you and your son!

  4. LOVE the sunflower!!! OK, you need to show me how to do the "NEW AND IMPROVED" way to add pictures to the blog see ya on friday

  5. What is this new and improved way? Are you going to share? Hope to see you on Thursday - Doris

  6. Hey Pat - I was going to make mention of the fact that you couldn't be old enough to have a 40-year old! Really did your parents give you a real kid instead of a doll to play with when you were younger? LOL

    Anyway - your rug is wonderful - You know I don't think Kathy feels bad at all that we all mention her and the labeling thing! I like it w/o the morning glories too - i think that would district from the rug. Just beautiful -

    Love that grouping in the last photo too

  7. Nope, doesn't bother me at all about the labeling thing lol.
    Your rug is just beautiful Pat! I think you did the right thing by leaving out the morning glories.
    Tell Brad Happy Birthday for me. I hope he had a good day despite the number. He'll realize one day that 40 is quite young!

  8. Pat ~
    I do love that sunflower! I, too, am terrible about finishing things after the hooking is done. Sometimes things will sit for months!
    I tried the new and improved way to blog and it was giving me fits, so I went back to the old cumbersome way until I have more time to play with it.
    Birthday wishes to your baby boy!
    Pug hugs :)

  9. Pat, your sunflower pillow (or soon to be pillow) is really gorgeous. You do beautiful rug hooking. I've only been hooking for about 2 1/2 years. I am really obsessed with it. I hook in the higgeldy piggeldy fashion as opposed to hooking in rows. Not too many people hook like that (Deanne Fitzpatrick's style is of that type). Visit my blog if you'd like to see the rugs/pillows I've finished. I'm following your blog now to see other wonderful rugs you create.

    Starlight Primitives (blog)


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