kitty companiona

kitty companiona

Monday, May 31, 2010

And the Winners Are....

Zip did the picking the names from the hat.  His Amish hat!

First is Jacque-  please email me with your name and mailing address and which item you would like to receive.

Second is Kathy (not the woolfind Kathy)-  please email me with your name, mailing address and with your first and second choice of items you would like to receive.

Third is Lauren from Rugs and Pugs-  please email me with your mailing address.

And just for fun we pulled a fourth person, Cathy from Orange Sink.  Cathy, I have no idea yet when I'm going to send you, but email me with your mailing address and you'll get 'something'.

Thank you everyone for participating in my 99th post giveaway!
Please, winners, get back to me as soon as possible so I can send out your items!
Please put 'give away' in the subject so I don't delete you!!!


  1. Not the (woolfind) Kathy. Too funny!

    Congrat's to ALL the winners!! You will Love Pat's work. Maybe, just maybe when she puts her weaving up on her website, I'll be able to buy a piece. Love that runner Pat.... Think about putting them up on your website,,,please??

  2. Hi Pat!
    Now how lucky is that! That Amish hat of Zip's has got to have some magical charm! Your friendship of course is the best gift and is given every day! Congrats to the other lucky winners! Have a safe and happy Memorial Day! Cathy G

  3. Congrats to all the winners - all deserving! I agree with Kathy (this time Woolfind) Pat's work is exceptional - you will not be disappointed! and yes Pat - put these type of things on your website!

  4. Boy! Was I sleeping at the switch! I got so far behind on my blog reading, your Give-away slipped right by! Next time, I'll be sure to sign up! Enough of my whining ~ congratulations to all your winners ~ I know they'll love your beautiful handwovens!! You were very generous! Have a good day, Pat!!!

  5. wahoo I am the lucky # 1... thanks so much. I will be watching for the mailman now.

    You are so generous.

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