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Friday, June 4, 2010

Homestead Tour

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Summer is here!!!  I just love it!
This is my favorite time of year around the house and garden.  We are not great planters of flowers, there is just too much lawn to take care of without the added work of flower beds.  It's also very shady from all the huge trees around the house.

I love these trees because with an old uninsulated house they are the saving grace from the heat.  Our trees were large when we moved in 40 years ago, so I have no idea how old they may be but I would estimate from 100 to 150 years.

This huge catalpa is probably older because they are not fast growing trees.  The trunk is so big around that I don't think Zip and I could both encircle it with our arms.

About twenty years ago it was struck by lightning during a particularly wild thunderstorm.  What a horrendous crack that made!  Totally scary!!!  We thought the tree was a goner.  It lost about a quarter of the bark on the trunk, but over the years the tree recovered and the scar healed over.

Right now the blossoms are out and when they fall it looks like snow under the tree.  They have a delightful fragrance.

This is our one rose bush with one rose on it.  Just too much shade!

Our vegetable garden is doing well.   Because of the cool wet spring we have in this area, we are not early planters.  The plants do so much better if we wait till it warms up.  And now they are growing so fast you can almost see the daily changes.

We will soon be eating beans.  We've already had a few small tomatoes from the 'patio' tomato plant that we purchased from the greenhouse.  And these larger plants have blossoms on them.

And here is the old farmer in his Amish hat sitting on the antique 8N Ford tractor.  He's the guy who makes all this garden stuff happen.  Zip and his tractor were both born about the same year back in the 1940's!

And here is the beautiful rainbow that appeared after a sudden storm last evening.

As for me, I am rughooking.  Unfortunately it's for the Forest Secrets challenge on Rug Hooking Daily so I can't show it.  I'm finally having fun with it, after struggling with my confidence wondering if I could do this without messing it up.  It is being done in a #4 cut with more detail than I usually put into a design.  Darn, I hate not being able to show what I'm doing and get input from others! 

Maybe one little peek!

I am keeping photos of the work in progress and the areas I reverse hooked to put in something I thought looked better.

Hope all of you are enjoying sunny skies and warm breezes.
Happy and relaxing hooking!!!


  1. Hi Pat! Love your home and garden! Very interesting tomato supports... Did Zip make them? I think they might work well with melons too! That tractor will outlast anything built today! Looks awesome too!

  2. Your garden looks great - wish our was as good! I "peeked" at your Bfly and it is lovely. That old tractor is a dandy and so is Zip!

  3. Oh Pat,
    Your homestead is way cool!!! I love your house and the huge trees are wonderful! I can't believe the flowers on the catalpa tree. I've never seen such a thing! Your garden is huge! Are you sure you don't live in Texas?! (Kidding). Zip and the 8N are a perfect match. It looks like it is polished and well kept.
    Oh, I wish I were hooking on my Secret Challenge rug! Glad your's is coming along good now........nice and very interesting colors! I am so glad to see you posting! Love the pics of your historic home and would love to see more!!!!!! Cathy G

  4. Oh Pat - I just love your "homestead"- Can I move in? Looks so relaxing - I just want to sit under that big ole tree with a book or a hook and ice tea! I want an old house with land like that! Your garden looks great - and got a giggle that Zip and the tractor were born around the same time! I didn't make it yesterday but I'm keeping my toes crossed that I can make it this upcoming Thursday to Grant st.

  5. Your garden is coming along well. When we return from our cruise (July 3), I'm going to seee about taking down our apricot tree that is shutting out sun to our solar panels. it's been in about 15 years and towers above the house. We cut it back last year but its back as big as ever. Called apricot, it's a variation for the tropics and the fruit is very sour. I can never add enough sugar or other sweetener to be edible. After the tree is down, I'll try for another vegetable garden.
    I won't be following you blog after this coming Sunday when we leave for the airport. By the way, I noticed you have a tank like our propane beside your house. Ours supplies power for water, frigidaire and stove. What is your for?

  6. Pat ~
    Thank you so much for sharing. Your yard looks so lovely and inviting!
    Your tomato supports are really neat! Zip on his tractor ~ the difference between men and! What a great picture.
    Hooking in a #4 cut ~ very impressive but not in my lifetime. Can't wait to see more of it!
    Pug hugs :)

  7. Loved the tour Pat, thanks! Great shots of everything. Look forward to seeing your secret rug. hope you can make it next Thursday....

  8. Pat,
    did you get the email I sent with my address?

    I am the lucky # 1 winner from your drawing..


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