kitty companiona

kitty companiona

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The New Baby!

My plan for Monday was to go to the monthly Blue and Gray hook-in. 

On Sunday I realized that most of the more intricate part of my Forest Secrets rug was already finished.  I needed something easy to do so I could talk and not have to concentrate on hooking.

I needed to dye background.  When I plan a background, I like to get out my least favorite leftover wools and overdye them to get them used up.  I had lots of dark green that I had used in other rugs that I wanted to overdye with some dark blue to get a very deep blue-green.

I started with one teaspoon of dry royal blue, simmered the wool for a half an hour and then let it sit until the water was clear, about an hour.  The royal blue hardly showed at all over the dark green.  Darn!!!  So I dump in another teaspoon of dry dye and did the whole thing again.  Still not dark enough!!!
The next time two teaspoons of dry dye went into the pot.   Well, that took all morning and into the afternoon!    Finally some better looking results. That's what so frustrates me about dying.

The picture looks a lot lighter than the wool really is.

At least I now have a good mixture of bluish greens.  They hooked up nice.  When you look at the rug the background really looks almost black.

The Blue and Gray meeting was well attended.  Doris did a great job of reporting the highlights on her blog Moments in Time.  She also has many more pictures.  My intentions were good, I just talk too much!  Here's the only picture I took, Marions breathtaking rug with peacocks.

And now for the baby pictures.

On Tuesday evening we went to Jill's (Jill's Life in Stitches) to pick up our new kitten.  Jill had kindly found a little calico for me.  Oh is she adorable!!!  I held her in my arms all the way home. 

We have a very large bathroom so that is to be her space until we can introduce her to Deiter and Tipper.  We usually quarantine a new kitten until the vet clears her healthwise and she gets her FeLuke test.  She made it through the night without a fuss.  I think she was tired out from the ride and being in a new place.  Today when I got up she was ready to go.  I wanted to get a first picture and asked Zip to hold her.  She was very wiggly!  He looks like he's putting the strangle hold on her!!!  (she survived!)

Oh,  we named her Penelope.  AKA Penny or Little Peanut.

She loves playing with Mommy's shoes.  You can see how tiny she is!

Today we took her to the vet for her first checkup, kitten shots, flea treatment, and worm medicine to give later.  She came home feeling really lousy!  The shots always seem to slow them down, but her little shoulder where they gave the injection was hurting her.  She cried a few times.  I got a soft pillow and laid her on it and sat in my easy chair and held her.  For hours. 

This is like having an infant!  But she is sooo cute!!! 

This evening she is feeling better.  She finally got off her pillow and walked around a bit.  I'm hoping by tomorrow morning she'll be back to her energetic little self.  I will save the worm medicine trauma for a few days.

Have a good week!


  1. Penelope is adorable. She is going to be so much fun. New kittens and puppies always manage to get in lots of funny mishaps! Keep us posted.

  2. OMG Pat ~
    Your little Peanut is just too precious!!! God just makes kitties and puppies (and!) so cute so we fall madly in love. Please keep us posted on her antics. I'm sure you'll have plenty to share and I do hope Dieter and Tipper play nice!
    Pug hugs :)

  3. What a cute little Penele O Pea!! You are going to have a blast when she feels better and decides to check out her new home! Soooooo Sweet! You'll have to keep us posted on Dieter and Tipper's reaction to the new baby!
    I wanted to mention that I ran out of time to photograph the decadent desserts at the Grand Opening of the wool shop! But I did think of you gals when Lisa and I were sampling. However Lisa is diabetic and I'm on a diet so we were pretty well behaved! LOL I promise to catch the goodies next time around!!
    Your wool looks interesting....Can't wait to see the secret rug!!!! I'm now hooking on mine.....finally!!!!! Hugs and Best wishes for the new addition! Cathy G

  4. What a wonderful new addition! she is just a little the stangle hold photo...

  5. Wonderful pics of the little Peanut. I know you will have lots of fun with her. Your secret project is just beautiful - background is great - love what you do in the dye pots!

  6. Aw Pat, she is adorable! You will give her one happy home for a very long time...
    I hope she is back to herself soon, and all of them get along. Love the name!!

    Love the wools, and can't wait to see them in person. They way they hooked up, look so nice! Hope to see you soon!

    (Marion's rug is a jaw dropper, wow!!!)

  7. We just got a new little kitten as well...aren't they just precious?! :)
    Love the wool colors!

  8. You do realize that once you put a picture of a kitten in a blog post... no other subject matter gets read? LOL! OMG Penelope is SUCH a cutie pie! What big sparkly eyes! She will be such a wonderful addition to your family! Enjoy!

  9. I love calico cats. She is a sweetheart. Enjoy her.

  10. Sweet Kitten they say Calico's are lucky cats, so lots of luck to you. You were smart to have her tested first sounds like she is going to be healthy and happy at your house.

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  12. What a cutie!!!!!!!! You two look so good together!!

    I love the colors of your wool. What dye do you use?

  13. What a tease you are - A cute pic of a kitten then wool talk! LOL - not that I don't care to hear about wool talk but OMG Pat - a NEW KITTEN - that is way more important - She is absolutely adorable! Ohhhhhhhhh I hope she's a perfect fit with Tipper and Deiter - Have there been conversations between them at the bathroom door?

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  15. I love the peacock rug. I like the display of colors and how well it is done. Thanks for sharing!


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