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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Some Painted Ladies and a Busy Week

Tuesday evening we had to go to Newville to the pharmacy.  It was a beautiful summer evening so we took a drive along the Big Spring.  One thing that I always think defines southern PA in the early summer is the blooming of the Tiger Lillies.

They grow wild along the side of the road....

They are found in nicely landscaped gardens....

In front of the old mill along the spring....

As we drove into Newville, I asked Zip to slow down so I could get some pictures of the houses.  Newville is a small town with a high percentage of lovely Victorian houses.

The fountain is the focal point in the center of town.  Every summer there is a festival to honor this lovely landmark.

This large house is on the circle near the fountain.

This is my favorite house in Newville.  I think it's called Heron Cottage.  I forgot to re-read the sign that tells the history.
The rest are just a sampling of the many interesting houses.

Some have the nicest decorations on their porches.

And that's the mini house tour of Newville.

On Sunday Willa, Chuck, Zip and I went to Hagerstown to eat at an Afghani restaurant.  We ended up going in the middle of the afternoon so we were the only people dining at that time.  The restaurant is called Laila's Kitchen.  It had a nice serene atmosphere.  I loved the black and white furniture with the lime green walls.

The menu board.

Our appetizer was hummus with pita wedges.

Zip and I had kabobs, both ground spicy beef and chicken.  They were served with rice with safron and naan.

Chick had lamb stew and Willa had the spiced ground beef patties.

And for dessert...baklava.

The food was delicious and very reasonably priced.  One thing that really impressed me was the water.  Yes, WATER!  It was a very hot day and they made the most refeshing water I've ever had.  It was in one of those large plastic drink dispensers with the ice in the bottom.  They had added lime slices and sprigs of mint to the container.  It not only tasted wonderful, it was also visually delightful.

The end of a lovely day.

I have to post at least one kitty picture!  Penny has been back to the vet and had the FeLuke test.  It was NEGATIVE!  Horay!!!  So now she is out and about with the big cats.  Everyone seems to be tolerating each other fairly well.  There have been a few hisses, but what good is it to have a hisser if you don't get to use it once in a while!

Pestering Deiter....

Zip is trying to hold her still so I can get a good picture.

Meanwhile Tipper needs reassurance that she is still Mommy's Number One Girl!  She's been a little 'clingy' since the baby is here.

I have been doing some hooking but nothing I can show right now.
I can't think of anything I'd rather do while sitting in front of the fan trying to keep cool!


  1. Thank you for the beautiful pics this morning! Love those tiger lilies as they always remind me of my Grandma! The architecture of all those homes is stunning! So beautiful and interesting to look at! Little Penny is still adorable! :-)

  2. Pat - I love the houses! Just beautiful. Reminds me of Kennebunkpot, Maine which I love. Penny is adorable. I think that you know more about Hagerstown than I do since my restruant dining is minimal - glad you had a great weekend

  3. that's Kennebunkport, Maine

  4. Makes me want to journey to Newville ~ lovely homes!! Thanks for taking us along to dinner, too! That food looks pretty appetizing!

  5. What a wonderful post!! I love the houses, food and of course i love to see pics of penelope!!!

  6. Pat ~
    Lots and lots of great pictures! Those houses are to die for gorgeous!
    How funny. Great minds travel parallel paths, right? On the way home from the hook-in on Saturday, I pulled off the road and was taking pictures of what you call tiger lilies. I always call them ditch lilies because that is where so many of them are found!
    Your kitties are just too cute!
    Pug hugs :)

  7. 生存乃是不斷地在內心與靈魂交戰;寫作是坐著審判自己。......................................................................

  8. Hi Pat
    I am a friend of Barb from MBG. I am Patsy the soapmaker. I have made one hooked rug 25 years ago and succumbed to purchasing some 100% wool skirts the other day. How do you wash your wool before you start your projects? What I mean is hot or cold H2O? dryer or line dry?
    TIA Patsy

  9. ohmygosh, the photos are all gorgeous! And, those houses! I would love to live in a house that looked like any of those! Congratulations on the new kitty!


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