kitty companiona

kitty companiona

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Too Much Cat Hair!

Today was the community yard sale in Newburg.  Everyone was out including the Amish.  We were out, too.  As in Out Of Town!  A good day not to be at home!

We traveled to York to the Lancaster chapter of the CFA sponsored cat show.  There didn't seem to be as many participants as the last time, and fewer breeds were represented.  I am shopping for a kitten.

The view as you walk in the door.

Here's a lovely little Himalayan kitten.

Several very fluffy Persians.  VERY high maintenance!

I know this little guy has had more hairdresser experiences than I have!

A beautiful tall Maine coon.

This handsome one is either a Maine coon or a Norwegian forest cat.  What a cute face!

This little Tonkinese came over to the bars and held a conversation with Zip.  Then returned to his cat box to rest.

Two lovely silver tabby American shorthairs.

The judges doing their job.  Cats are not judged against each other.  They are compared to the written breed standard provided by the Cat Fancier's Association.  The cats who best exemplify this standard are chosen as the champions.  It's the search for the perfect cat.

After all the excitement, attention, and noise, it's a relief to take a cat nap.

My search for a new kitten ended well.  After looking over all the available breeds, I decided on a Manx.  They are the tailless cats from the Isle of Man off the coast of England.  They are cute, round, sturdy cats, with open friendly faces.

Mine has not yet been born.  The breeder had just bred her one female in the last few days, so had no idea yet if it was successful.  I will be keeping in touch with her to see what develops.  Meanwhile, here is a picture of one of their cats that they were showing at York.  This little darling is six months old.  I am hoping to get a kitten with similar markings.
Thank you for bearing with me through all the cat pictures.  Or have you already gone running through the house screaming, "waaaah!  too many cats"???

Yesterday Kami and I went to the 50% off sale at the PA Fabric Outlet.  I got two really nice pieces of fabric.  (they are magnified to show detail)  LOL!  You know, like on the box of packaged food how nice and big the portion looks, and then when you open it, the serving is about half the size of the picture!  I burn tested them to make sure they were telling the truth about the fiber content.

This jacket fabric is 100% silk and only cost $3.50 per yard on sale!

This shirt fabric is 100% linen and it was less than $5 per yard.  It is a very fine light weight linen that will make a nice tailored shirt.

After two busy days of traveling around, I think a quiet evening reading on the porch is in order.


  1. Pat ~
    What fun that you've decided to get a new kitty. I hope momma is pregnant so you won't have to wait too long!
    Happy reading ~
    Pug hugs :)

  2. Wow! Looks like you really enjoyed the cat show! Love the face on the Manx. I bet they have really good dispositions! Worth the wait! One question though could you leave town with all those rummage sales going on?!! Maybe you're like me and have enough rummage already! LOL Enjoyed your pics as always! Cathy G

  3. Too much cat hair? What's that mean Pat?

    Oh what adorable photo's - was there any bengal breeders? Curious if the man I bought Riley from was there - he lives in MD. Wish I didn't have that stupid class today - I would have love to have gone to a cat show - never been!

    Can't wait to hear more details about your future kitty!

  4. First time I saw one of these cat shows Pat. Great shots of the kitties. Some of their faces made me laugh. Looked like some were saying "is it over yet" lol.
    How nice you decided on the kind you want. Hope you don't have to wait too long!

  5. I knew that there was a kitten looking for you Pat. What an interesting show - so many beauties to choose from. Eloise would have been in heaven! Hope you have a great week.

  6. PAT!!! YOu gave me cat fever!! Now I need a kitten too!! Why did you do this too me!!!


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