kitty companiona

kitty companiona

Saturday, May 22, 2010

AWOL and the Post # 99 Giveaway

Missing in inaction.  Just plain SICK!

What a week!
It started out being cold and rainy.  I thought that was why I had Chills.  Zip cranked up the woodstove and I put on heavy duty sweats and I still had chills.
Then the congestion and hacking started.  Then to add insult to injury, the 'intestinal destress' began.
Oh misery!!!

My whole week has been wasted sleeping sitting upright in my favorite chair because if I lay down, I can't breathe.  And I'm Tired, SO TIRED!

The cats have been going nuts, running and jumping and getting into trouble.  They just don't understand the Mommy Zombie.  I don't know her either.

Today is the first day that I've felt like doing anything.  Maybe the worst is over.  Hopefully in a few days I'll have the strength to pull a few loops!

Anyhow, my next post will be number 99 and I will be having a giveaway.
Details to follow...


  1. Oh Pat!
    I'm so sorry to hear of the bug that hit you! Sounds like you are really having a time of it! Rest and fluids. Then more rest and fluids. This crazy weather going from cold to hot.......maybe has contributed to some of this unseasonable flu going around. I woke to something too this morning that felt like every bone in my body was run over by a truck!. Ibuprofen and back to bed for a couple of hours. Thank goodness Dave was home to take care of the dogs. I hope you are feeling better shortly and try not to worry about any deadlines or the giveaway. Just do it when you are feeling better so that you can enjoy the process too! Now back to bed with you! Snuggle with a warm lavender filled pillow and one of those kitties! Cathy G

  2. Oh Pat! I do hope you are feeling better! And, I hope you have seen a doctor! The not being able to sleep laying down is very dangerous! So please... see a doc! Could be pneumonia or bronchitis, either way, take care of your health, OK? Hugs ~Sharon

  3. Hi Pat - I thought it was just me - so cold and couldn't breathe. Did see Dr. on Thursday and am much better. I hope you are taking care - drink lots of ginger ale and mush it through! Rest, rest, rest. I miss you.

  4. Feel better soon Pat!! Your hook misses you :). And so does Grantstreet....

  5. Hope you are on the mend soon Pat. Maybe Zip would make you some chicken soup?

  6. As in all of the above. REST REST REST.
    Hope you are feeling much better soon.

  7. There seems to be a theme of illness throughout the blogs ~ I sure hope you feel better and maybe you even went to the doctor? Sounds like that might be in order ~ take good care!


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