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kitty companiona

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Busy, but Nothing Exciting....

I can't believe a whole week had gone by since I last posted.
I've been working on things, but nothing exciting enough to merit a photograph.

I finished my design for the Forest Secrets challenge on Rug Hooking Daily, but that has to be kept under wraps until the end of July.  Darn!  I hope to start hooking this week.  I need to start a take-along project for hook-ins.  Tomorrow I will be going to the Blue and Gray meeting and will have to take some 'finishing' to work on for lack of anything else.

Now that I'm sitting here attempting to write about my week, maybe I wasn't as productive as I thought!  LOL!  No wonder I don't have anything to show.  So let's go on to Zip's week....

He worked in the garden!

After lounging around on the grass in the sun, he did finish planting all the corn, beans, beets, chard, and the tomatoes and herbs we got at the greenhouse.

He caught fish!

Zip is a strictly 'catch and release' fly-fisherman.  The hooks are 'barbless' so they come out easily without permanent injury to the fish.  All the fish he catches go directly back into the stream.  He only held this one long enough for his friend Greg to take the picture.

 He had lunch with Deiter.

The strange thing- Deiter does not like 'people food', he isn't begging, he just likes to be close to Zip when he's eating, playing the guitar, working around the house or whatever.

And here's Deiter, playing in water.

He's so big that he can't get his head positioned to drink directly from the stream of water, so he licks it as it runs down his paw.  Of course we have to be ready at all times to turn the faucet on and off!

Saturday evening, along with our friends Chuck and Willa, we went to the Old Country Auction House for an evening of bluegrass music and a demonstration of clogging.  The dancing looks like so much fun.  I wish I were younger and not so darn fat!!!  It certainly would be good exercise.

Today for Mother's Day, Brad and Kami invited us for a barbeque rib feast.  They are both excellent cooks!  Food always seems soooo much better when someone else does the cooking!  LOL!!!
We had a nice relaxing time after the meal listening to old records on the Victrola that they recently found at a yard sale.  Brad has the best luck when it comes to great yard sale finds.  All I ever seem to find is baby clothes!!!!

They gave me a cute card they made themselves and Kami croched this lovely handbag for me.

She's becoming an excellent seamstress and craftsperson.  It's such a gift to have a daughter-in-law who is a woman after my own heart!

Deiter was trying to sit on the handbag while I was taking the picture.  Check out the tail at the top.

Now, after a week of good weather, the seeds in the garden have sprouted and the little plants have emerged.  And what happens?!?!  It gets cold!!!  So now there is the possibility (likelyhood!) of FROST tonight.  Every bucket, crate, and big flowerpot we own is out there covering plants!
My fingers are crossed and I'm praying....


  1. Pat sounds like you and Zip (and Deiter) had a great week - What a lovely gift from Kammi and Brad - how nice they cooked too - isn't it the truth - things taste better when someone else makes them! Hope to see you soon!

  2. Sounds like a good week to me. Zip looks in good form! Love the way he gardens! Hope to see you at Blue and Gray.

  3. Cute purse ~ nice daughter-in-law! Love Zip's dining companion! Aren't our pets funny? Or maybe it's us?!

  4. That sure was a great week! I've been hoping this weather will warm up again... sure hope your seedlings made out OK. GREAT crochet purse!

  5. Beautiful handbag! Hope the plants survived.

  6. Okay so this post went from talking about Zip talking about Deiter!! WHOS MORE IMPORTANT!!! hmmm....
    I love the picture of Deiter watching Zip eat...with the window in the background overlooking the yard!!!
    Tell Zip i said....wooooohooooo, to that picture of him posing in the grass by the garden!! Tell him to pose holding a dust mop next time!!! :-)

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  8. Before enlarging your blog, I thought the picture of Zip on the lawn was a peacock! And I was going to tell you of the Franklins we have on our acreage. One is lame but manages to fly up into the Mango tree when I get too close. We have had intermittant rain after months of drought, a blessing - I put out my fig tree at long last. enjoy your blog!!

  9. Pat ~
    Looks like you had a great week and I hope this one will be even better.
    We're still having icky, cold weather in Ohio so I assume you are too. I don't mind the rain, though. It's good to get.
    Love the purse! Lucky you.
    Pug hugs :)

  10. Hi Pat,
    Sounds like you had a very nice week!

    I love the purse your daughter in law made you.
    Very pretty!!!

    We've had cool nights but no frost.

    Wow, you're planting a big garden. We only put out a couple of tomato and pepper plants and of course some little onions. We can get the vegetables we need from all the Amish stands in area. Saves wear and tear on our old bodies.


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