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Friday, May 14, 2010

Social Gatherings.....with Hooking

What's better than getting together with friends???
Getting together with friends to hook or eat, or both!

The week started with a meeting of the Blue and Gray hookers.  What a great group of happy ladies chatting and showing their work!  I was so busy talking that I didn't get any pictures and Doris's camera batteries went dead so we have to depend on Kathy from 'Rugs of Mine in Time' for the visual delights.  Check out her blog, she did a great job!

On Wednesday evening my friends Willa and Diane and I got together for our monthly women's dining out night.  We went to Montezuma's Mexican Restaurant on Wayne Ave. in Chambersburg.  We were fairly early so I had a chance to take this shot be fore all the tables began filling up.

 Love the funky decor!
The food was very good, as usual.  I had made whole wheat breat earlier in the day, and will admit to 'testing' it more than I should have!  So I wasn't very hungry and ended up getting an order of guacamole and a spinach and cheese quesadilla.  Quite yummy!  Wish I would have gotten a shot of the food BEFORE we had almost devoured it!

Yesterday was the weekly hookin at Grant Street Woolworks.  Not a lot of people there during the day, but we had a good time talking and checking out each other's work.  Ellen came up from Virginia and joined us.  She also brought a tin of scrumptious brownies!!!  Thank you Ellen!!!

Doris is taking a picture of Ellen and Jill discussing hooking frames.  And here is Ellen's lovely rug.  It's a Gene Shephard pattern.  Arent the colors delightful?

Kathy was working on her house sampler rug.  I don't want that bird landing on my house!!!  LOL!

This is Doris's beautifully hooked Kris Kringle.  She's doing it in a #3 cut.  Look at that wonderful swirly sky.  I wish the sculpting of the fur trim and beard had shown up better.

This is Jill's delightful colorful rug.  It's like Jill herself- Happy and Energetic!

Nancy was there working on her 'Liberty' rug, but left before I got the camera out.  Linda is making great progress on her big floral rug.  Sorry I didn't get a picture!!!

In June Doris will be teaching a sculpting class featuring these lovely strawberries.  I'm signed up and ready for the challenge!  If you are interested in joining us, contact Linda at Grant Street to see if there are still openings.

I worked on whipping the edges of my small circular star mats.  I want to give a tutorial in a future post on how I do them if anyone is interested.

I'm glad this post is almost finished because the uploading of the pictures is going kind of wacky and the text is slow when I'm trying to type.  I hate it when you get almost done and then the whole thing gets lost!!!  Yeesh!

I'm coming up on my 100th post in the near future.  There will be a give-away at number 99.

Until next time, Happy Hooking!


  1. Hi Pat,
    Another great job on the rug photos! I hope you never get too tired from taking them and uploading them because I'll never tire of looking at them! Love them all!! I've started carrying some extra fresh batteries with me in my camera bag. That energizer Bunny seems to run out awfully quick at the wrong time! Wouldn't want to miss a great photo for my blog! LOL I would like to see your tutorial on how you bind. It's interesting seeing how someone else does it! Hope you have a good weekend out there and get lots of hooking done on that Forest Secret Challenge.....Shshshsh I hate keeping secrets! LOL Hugs Cathy G

  2. Hey Pat - Missed seeing you yesterday - but thanks for the pics of the hook-in! I so wanted to be there! Glad to see there was some hooking a going on!

    Oooh Mexican - my favorite!

  3. Gosh Pat, your pictures are so much better than mine. Musst be the photographer. It6 was fun yesterday - lots of laughs after you left - just a crazy discussion - not earth shaking!

  4. I loved the colors of the Gene Shepherd design.
    I'm not a rughooker but interested in how you all put the colors and shades together. We leave in three weeks for a one month cruise to the Mediterranean. I'll be taking pictures of native crafts if I see them. Will forward any designs that seem interesting and perhaps useful for a rug. Are you interested?

  5. I enjoy the pictures you take of both your rugs and those of your fellow hookers. So many talented people!!!! Thanks for sharing! Hope you're not caught in the storms we're hearing about in your area tonight.


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