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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Post Number 99 Give Away

Having posted 99 times, I think I've done my thing!  That's just too much talking from someone who really doesn't have that much to say.

Over the past week while I've been suffering through the flu and having lots of delusional thoughts, I've decided I spend too much time on the puter reading blogs and writing about things that I didn't start out to blather on about.  This was supposed to be a rughooking blog.  So then I either have to be on stage with rughooking excitement every week, or.......wander off into other areas where I didn't plan to go.   Lately the rughooking news has been ZILCH!  NADA!  THE BIG ZERO!!!  And I have no idea when I will get back to it.

That said, I will probably be updating my blog only about once a month with whatever foolishness I've been up to.  I need to quit writing about what I'm GOING to do and get to some DOING IT!!!  Feeling that I need to have a hooked piece on the go to hold show and tell once a week is blocking me from lots of other things I want to try.

And I'm running out of brilliant ideas!

I want to thank all of you who have faithfully followed, read and left comments.  I certainly appreciate your support.   I want to thank you by offering a Give Away.

Easy Rules:

1.  Only within the U.S. and Canada, please

2.  From now until midnight Saturday eastern standard time.

3.  Leave me a comment
     If you do not belong to Blogger, you may email me with 'give away' in the subject line.
4.  You DO NOT have to be a follower!

That's it!

Prize #1
Small handwoven apple table mat approx. 13 1/2 x 16 1/2
Set of 4

Prize #2
Small Shaker style berry basket  approx. 6 inches in diameter

Prize #3
Handwoven dishtowel approx. 14 x 30

You have three chances to win.  Names will be put into a hat and Zip will pick the winners on Memorial Day, Monday morning.  The first person picked will chose the item they want, then the second person will choose, with the third person getting the remaining item.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!!!


  1. First, I would love to win your giveaway. But more importantly, I hope you put a post up more than once a month. I began writing a blog and reading other blogs to learn more about rug hooking, but I write more about everyday ramblings than hooking! And I enjoy reading about everyone else's ramblings too!

  2. That's great Pat, I'm going to do a giveaway tomorrow too.

    Kim you always win, not fair. LOL

  3. oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. Would love a chance to win Pat :). I sure hope you post more than once a month. But I understand. It is hard to keep up. See you on Thursday!!

  4. I'll miss reading your posts but certainly understand how life 'works' sometimes. I love that handwoven towel - beautiful color!

  5. First, if I should continue my lucky winning streak ( I hope I hope) how could I choose with such lovely prizes!!
    Second, you are one of my most favorite blogs! I shall miss your posts and hope that after a break for awhile you will feel like posting more! I I know that at times it feels like a burden to keep coming up with ideas. But then like life itself something happens or we get an idea that feels blog worthy. For the record, I love reading the ramblings and goings on in peoples lives or their opinions about things etc. Even if it's just a picture and a sentence or two. Thank-you Pat for all you have done to reach this milestone of 99 posts! An accomplishment to be celebrated for sure! I am gonna miss you dearly! Hugs and warmer weather are on their way to you!! Cathy G

  6. I enjoy your ramblings.. rug hooking or otherwise... it's nice to see and learn about what's going on in places other than where I live! :-) I've always admired your weaving too! So, please enter me in your drawing!

  7. Pat, a post once a month is not enough! I look at your post first thing every morning. My coffee will not be the same without your post!! Your talents are numerous and wonderful. I love your giveaways. Please don't stop blogging - we all need you. (Moments in Time)

  8. If time permits I think you should post more than once a month.. of course it is a personal decision but your blogging will be missed.

    Thanks for a chance at your giveaway.

  9. Hope you're feeling better!!!!!

    I love your weavings!!!! You are so talented!!! Did you make the basket too?

  10. How about a few comments each day on what you have accomplished hooking, weaving, whatever? Your blog is a giveaway gift, too!! You inspire me to get back with my boxes of yarns and threads.

  11. Pat,
    I do hope you are feeling healthy!
    I will miss your ramblings, too. It doesn't have to be a blog about hooking ~ we all love reading about your life. I feel as if I know you because of your "ramblings". You are one of the most talented ladies in blogland!!!
    I'd be honored to be entered in to your give-away...winning would be an added bonus.
    Pug hugs :)

  12. Hi , I found your blog today and I am a follower now. I was searching for rughooking blogs when I found yours. I love crafting and I'm a "self learner person", rughooking is my new goal for this year. Hope you can share tutorials for begginers that I can use. Oh, almost forgot, please include my name in your awesome giveaway, I need to win this. LOL. Hugs, Evelyn

  13. I'll look forward to your monthly posts. The computer does tend to suck up time like nobody's business! Please enter me in your drawing, and enjoy your summer!


  14. I would love to win your contest. I have really enjoyed reading your blog and have learned so much. Thank you!

  15. Oh Pat - i love reading your blog and seeing your pics and kitties and adventures - rug hooking or not! So don't feel you are ramblin!

    What a more than generous give-away! Wow!

    Oh and so hoping you are feeling better - that crud is not fun!


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