kitty companiona

kitty companiona

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday Around the House

Hi Friends!
Welcome!! Come on in....

We are spending a quiet day working around the house. It was time to change the wreaths on the doors to a Spring look. Tonight we turn the clocks forward for Daylight time. Love those long evenings! But getting up in the morning when it's still dark isn't much fun. LOL!!

I've spent some time today cleaning the various animal homes.

Mousie and the two reptiles are great cat entertainment. None of them seem the least bit intimidated by a large furry creature looking in at them. They must know they are safe behind glass!

Here's Mousie! It's really hard to get a picture of him because he's wiggly. I can see why they have short lives. Mice are so hyper!

This is Buddy, a Sudanese plated lizard. He is a nice gentle creature who shares his aquarium with Mousie. They are like the Odd Couple! Buddy moves very slowly while Mousie runs rings around him!

We also have Bucko, the corn snake. He was given to me when he was only a little over a foot long; he's now at his adult length of about 48 inches. He has beautiful coloring, but is not exactly a cute and cuddly pet! Especially when he mistakes my finger for food!

That's my menagerie!

Zip is outdoors today preparing the lawn mower and other equipment for a summer of yard and garden work. He pruned the fruit trees this past week, but hasn't cleaned up the branches yet. Could he be waiting for me??? LOL!

Rug patterns for this week:

Pull-toy Sheep (c) 2008 17 x 20 1/2

Woolamina (c ) 2008 16 x 18 or smaller size 13 x 15 1/2

We are having chicken on the grill for lunch. Time to go to the kitchen and get everything prepared. I think a salad and baked potato will make it a meal. With strawberries for dessert!

Have a good weekend, everyone!!!


  1. your critters scare me pat! Maybe not the mouse! He is actually cute! My husband was driving down rt 40 and a 5ft lizard crossed the rd in front of his freaked him out so bad he pulled over and looked at the guy with him and said, "did you just see what i saw?" and his friend was like.."uh huh" He came home and said it looked like a 5 ft alligator with a head of a lizard. So we called DNR and they said a lady in the area had lost her 5 ft lizard. LOL!

  2. OH Jill that is too funny. Pat, now you have the kind of animals I like. No pet hair lol. I love lizards. I always told my husband that I wanted a baby bearded dragon. They are too cute! Your patterns are great. Hope you get lots of orders...


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