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Sunday, March 29, 2009

It Rains, then it Rains some more......

Gray is NOT my favorite sky color! And today it is especially dreary! One of those days when I need every light in the house turned on so I can pretend the sun is shining.

The picture is part of Brad's herb garden from last year. I hope all this rain brings out the GREEN in all of our lawns and flower beds. But for now I'll sit inside and have a hot cup of tea until I decide my plan for today. Grocery shopping is definitely on the list.

Many of you know that in the past (and probably sometime again in the future) I have been a weaver. Back in the 1970's Zip and I were interested in keeping traditional handcrafts alive to pass on to future generations. We became fascinated by antique tools and equipment and wanted to learn how to use them. It seemed like in our parent's generation people only wanted to forget the past and embrace the 'modern'.

We traveled to historic sites where there were demonstrating craftspeople to watch and learn from. I just loved spinning and weaving and the equipment used to produce cloth. We were young and poor, but I saved my pennies and bought a spinning wheel in a dozen pieces at a farm auction. We took it home and repaired it. Then of course, I had to have a loom! More pennies saved. I ordered it from California out of the Whole Earth Catalog (all you hippies remember that one! LOL!) I was on my way!!!

This is not a picture of my first loom. I sold it to a friend of mine and she is still using it. Here I'm weaving a table cloth and the remainder was cut into napkins.

The picture to the left shows some of the throws I have made.

To the right are dish towels and napkins. Yikes!!! It's the other way around! I am so dyslexic, I'm always telling Zip to turn right and I'm pointing left.

My great hope is to have time to weave again. I still have looms set up but just can't seem to fit it into the schedule. Maybe when I retire.... And I no longer have to worry about passing on the tradition. With the internet and all the resources today, the once lost arts are there for anyone to enjoy.

Progress continues on the flower basket rug.

All the color decisions are made and now it's just easy hooking. I'm pleased with the effect so far.

I'm off to the kitchen for another cup of tea.

Hope you are all having a good weekend!


  1. Boo hoo...your rug is so beautiful and SMOOTH!! Thats it!! I am starting a new project!!! no just joking..i justhope i am as good as you some day! Can you bring your first hooked piece to me so i can see it...and maybe i will feel alittle better!
    OKAY NEXT!! I WANT TO LEARN TO WEAVE!!!! I know you don't like to teach but you need to steer me in the right direction! I think i am going to go take a day class at mannings to learn how to spin! I figure we could camp in gettysburg and i can hop over there for the day!
    Now for the nosey part trying to figure out, is Brad your husband or son?

  2. LOVE the herb garden im going to have an official herb garden this year!! pulling out some plants to make room, usually i just have herbs in strawberry pots!!!! i especially love the way dill looks and smells!! im so jealous you even weave, WOWW, i have to hang around you more maybe some of your creative talent will rub off, but i am getting old and senile!!! your rug is awsome and i especially love the basket!! im on my last twilight book so hopefully when i get that out of my system i will be hooking much more!!!

  3. Pat - your weaving items are gorgeous - you certainly captured the pattern from days gone by - absolutely love them. Your rug is coming along beautifully also!

  4. Me and herbs? Nah! I'd think they were weeds and I'd be pulling them out lol. Must be nice to know what you are doing when it comes to that.
    Pat, just love your weaving. I'm sorry I never bought a piece from you at Colonial Day when you were there a few years back. Just beautiful. And your rug is coming along so great! Love the colors you are using, and what you did with that basket!! Sweet.
    Maybe I'll send my family to your house since you went food shopping. They keep bugging me here that we don't have anything. But when your husband only gets paid once a month, sometimes you run out of food before the end of the month lol. I keep telling them not to eat so much! I get to go on Tuesday, woo hoo!!
    Hope to see you and Linda at Chambersburg group on Monday. If not, perhaps I'll stop by and say hey..


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