kitty companiona

kitty companiona

Friday, March 13, 2009

Fun at the Grant Street Woolworks Hook-in....

We had a great evening with our hooking friends! We did a lot of hooking and twice as much talking! LOL!!! Everyone's projects are progressing nicely.

Jill and I are working on the same flower basket pattern. Hers is done in deep darker primative colors, mine is going to be in grungy pastels. It's amazing how each individual person interprets a design. Take ten different hookers doing the same pattern and you will have ten totally different finished rugs.

Jill is 'reverse hooking' an area of the background that was packed too tightly. That's one of the nice things about rug hooking. If you don't like what you've done, it comes back out and you can do it over again.

Jill's sister, Beth is working on a snowman. Cute, isn't he?! She tells me that she doesn't look good in pictures, but I think she's lovely. Beth, you're just too modest!

Patty has just finished the hooking on her purse and had taken a break to listen to the conversation. Hopefully by the next meeting she will be showing us the completed handbag. The colors are lovely!

Kathy's shingles are healing! She is back to her hooking. There are some beautiful greens in the log cabin piece. As usual, her work is exquisite!

Now for the important stuff. Check out our refreshment table in the background! Linda made brownies and provided a yummy snack mix, Kathy brought a scrumptious looking chocolate cake, and I (being on Weight Watchers) brought strawberries. But we were so involved in hooking and talking we hardly had time to eat!

Jill and Linda are critiquing Kathy's photography, making sure that all the pictures are fit to print on Kathy's blog. LOL!!!

I hope next month you can join us! Mark it on your calendar- second Thursday of the month at Grant Street Woolworks.

Happy Hooking!


  1. Pat, you beat me to posting this morning. I just finished up. I sure had a great time last night, and I hope anyone else in the surrounding area that wants to hook with someone, or wants to start hooking, makes that step to just come the next time! Love your post and pictures.....

  2. I had sooooo much fun! I cannot wait until next month! I think you and Linda should have a sat hook in from 9-3 and we will try to spread the word as much as possible,maybe some of the ladies who do not drive at night will come, well i will still try and spread the word as much as possible about the 2nd thurs of the month too!

  3. Read Kathy's, Jill's and Linda's blog - Great to see more pics of your fun nite! Also great to see Kathy in a few of the pics since she got all of you guys! Looks like a lot of fun - joanne

  4. okay..i've been thinking, i really think you should have 2 hook-ins a month!

  5. what a night!! next time i promise to get more hooking done and less talking!!! hey where is linda blog? did she take it off?

  6. Yes, Linda temporarily took her blog off to start over. She wants to focus mostly on the shop. She said she is having a hard time getting the pictures in position, so I'm going to help her. Don't worry, she'll BE BACK!


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