kitty companiona

kitty companiona

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Morning with the Dyepot

Greetings, Friends!

Spent Saturday morning and part of today doing some dying for my flower basket rug. I started the rug on Thursday at the hook-in. Then looked at it on Friday morning and did not like what I had done, so ripped it all out. I had wanted to make the three large flowers all different, but discovered that if I used most of my colors in the large flowers, there was nothing new to use in the peripheral ones. It would have looked like disorganized hodge-podge!

Here my big beautiful boy, Deiter the 17 pound cat, is helping me organize my dyed wool.

I didn't have enough blues and purples, and there was a small piece of rose wool that I needed to match, so out came the dyepot. I am not a 'scientific' dyer! I do use measuring spoons, but only as a means to get the dye powder out of the little bag without spilling it. Then I just dump it in the pot and adjust as I check the color of the wool as it soaks. (Doris, please don't be alarmed!)

Here I am using the Rose dye.

What do you think of my gas stove??? My parents bought it second-hand when they first got married in the late 1940's! When they moved from Hanover to Chambersburg in the late 50's, it was put in my grandmother's basement for her to use in the summer for canning veggies. After she passed on, my uncle offered it to me. I just love it!!!

And the results of unscientific dyeing are....
Doesn't seem like much for all the time it took!

Since there is a lot of detail in the rug I decided that flat colors were going to be OK. For the effect that I'm trying for, mottling or texture would be too busy. the background will be textured in some way. Haven't decided on the color yet.

That's all I have time to write today.

Have a good week, everyone!


  1. Hey Pat,
    Wow, that is a big kitty! Keeping you company as you work, cute..
    I can't believe you ripped those flowers out! I do agree with you about the flat colors for your flowers though. It would be too busy. Can't wait to see how those pretty colors hook up! Great job with the dyeing.. Have a good week!

  2. will i ever figure out what you guys are talking about with color and texture and flats you are so good and yes my rugs could look hodgepodge im trying to take tips from you guys who are true artists!! Boy do i love your cat he is so pretty the black spots are awsemome a could reach in the pic and kiss him!!! LOL!!! i loved your old stove boy i would like to inherit something like that what a gem you have!! The colors you did turned out absolutely beautiful!! Cant wait to see your progress, and yes i think your right about the ground being a little frozen maybe at the end of the week or next i can start digging!!!

  3. I love your cat! He looks like a dalmation!! Your stove is awesome too! Its kinda funny to see the pattern i am working on in your pictures. I can't wait to see what you do with yours...then i will never look at mine the same!! Now, what the heck is going on with Lindas blog...its not there! I hope it wasn't because of my nagging...i would feel terrible!

  4. Beth, Deiter loves kisses! He says bring em on!!!
    Jill, Linda will be starting her blog again. She wants to focus mostly on the shop. Right now she's concentrating on getting ready for her cruise. Were you nagging her??? I don't remember that!!!! LOL!


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