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kitty companiona

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The First day of March....

We are getting closer to Spring!

The two coldest months are now over so it can't be long now. OK! I know there is still a chance for snowstorms in March. In fact, in 1970 when my son Brad (pictured here with his lovely wife Kami -they are WW2 reenactors) was born in late March, we brought him home from the hospital in a blizzard.

So my thoughts are flowing toward green grass and trees with tiny new green leaves. I keep getting the urge to go to the greenhouse to see what they have available, but know it's still too early to pick up any plants for the garden. This week I am featuring two more designs with the 'garden' in mind.

My Wild Hare mat reminds me that the rabbits will soon be out and running wild in the yard.

Wild Hare (c)2008 10 1/2 x 14

We will soon be planting our seeds and setting out plants for all kinds of delicious veggies. I consider watermelon more of a fruit, but they certainly are in the delicious category! I also love shades of red, green and pink together. Thus the design for the Moon and Stars Watermelon rug. The moon and stars are optional, of course.

Moon and Stars Watermelon (c)2008

25 1/2 x 35 1/2

These patterns are available at Grant Street Woolworks. You may contact Linda Keller by phone at 717 860-4628 or e-mail her at

I just purchased a new digital camera yesterday. I had a few struggles getting it hooked up to the computer, but reading the instructions can be informative! DUH!!! Lol!! I did succeed in getting my logo finished and posted. I had to dye extra yarn and it is not an exact match, but it's DONE! More photos next time I hope.


  1. Hi Pat ~ I jumped over here from your page on RHD ~ am anxious to see your other patterns! I'll check back ~ have a good day!

  2. Pat, I love the watermelons!! I have always loved fruit and flowers! Its very whimsical! The pic of Brad and Kami is great!

  3. Pat, Love the picture of your son and Kami! So cool. Your new patterns are wonderful as usual. Wish you much success with them!


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