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kitty companiona

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Can't Believe Tomorrow is Friday Already.

I don't know where the time went this week!

Had several good evenings out. First was on Tues. with my friends Willa and Diane. We ate at the Italian Village in Greevvillage. We had a great time talking and catching up with what has been going on in each other's lives. I had angel hair pasta with Puttanesca Sauce, which was delicious! My old favorite red clam sauce has now been replaced. Came home and wrote up a recipe for my own lower cal version. I'll make it over the weekend and post the recipe and a picture if it turns out good.

Wednesday evening Brad had to give a presentation at the Army Heritage Museum in Carlisle. Since he recently had a birthday, we celebrated by going to the Boiling Springs Tavern for dinner. Another treat! There I ordered pecan crusted chicken breast with grilled veggies. Yes, friends, I'm still on Weight Watchers! I saved up plenty of points for both of these outings. It's worth eating light at breakfast and dinner in order to have a yummy dinner out. And I usually only eat half and bring the rest home for Zip to have for lunch the next day. So far since the first of the year, I have lost over 30 lbs. (though on me it soesn't seem like much!)

Patterns this week are, of course, food oriented!

Easy as Apple Pie Rug 21 x 44 inches (c) 2008

and Pie Square 20 x 20 inches (c) 2008

I'd like to do the apple pie rug and put in my kitchen in front of the sink, but those little furry critters (cats!!!) can do terrible things to hooked rugs. Between the fur and the claws, I can never put a hand hooked rug on the floor, or the table, or.....anywhere?

I love my little darlings, even if they do have a few less than perfect qualities.

Sliced Apple or the alternate version Three Apples (c) 2008

This can be done either as a runner 12 x 26 inches or a rug 15 x 32 1/2 inches. I have ideas of doing the Three Apples version in shades of red, yellow and green using that dyeing technique that Doris teaches where there are three different colors on the same strip of fabric.

And here is Tipper demonstrating her skills with yarn.

I am continuing to work on my flower basket rug. The basket is almost finished. All the major color decisions are planned out. Now it's just easy hooking! Horay!! Will post a picture the next time.

We had quite a few visitors today at the Woolworks. It's nice to have people come in and talk about their projects. Linda is still away on the cruise. She'll be back on Monday with, I'm sure, lots of exciting stories to tell! And pictures, too!?

Hope she didn't forget her camera!

Have a good weekend......


  1. Pat, I love the apple patterns! You are so talented! I am so glad to see you post..i love reading your post! You are making me so hungry reading about the yummy nights out! I can't wait to see you at the hook in! Were your visitors at the shop anyone i might know? oh and by the way...i can tell by looking at you , that you have lost 30 lbs!!well, actually i saw you back at 25 lbs...and i could tell then! Good Job!! You are an inspiration! I have the hardest time time keeping a commitment to stay away from food!

  2. again..i was thinking about your apples. If i would want to do a pattern like that would i have to take a fruit class at Doris so they would look right? and also, the patterns you have been showing do you sell them at the shop?


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