kitty companiona

kitty companiona

Friday, June 5, 2009

More Time Off!

Yesterday, rainy and dreary again, we went to Lurgan greenhouse. It's hard to feel depressed about the weather among all the lovely plants and flowers. It's a cheerful burst of color everywhere you look!

These fountains, which didn't come out as well as I hoped are near the entrance. The other pictures are of several of the different greenhouse areas.

Look at these lovely fat koi! Someday I would like to have a pond large enough to house fish like those.

We got two small goldfish and a few snails for our little container water garden that we set up each year on the porch. It will look a lot better when the plants grow and the rocks and brick get covered with algae. The fish are unavailable for comment. They are under a broken flower pot because it's too cold and dreary to face the day.

I am saving the rest of the binding on my flower basket rug to take along Monday when Kathy and I go to Blue and Gray hooking. This weekend I plan to start on the Santa in a Snowstorm piece. Thought that way I may have it done by Christmas.

I know you are all amazed that after not writing for so long, here I am making two blog entries in a row. Could it be that I don't have enough to do since I'm off work??? hehehe! I'm enjoying every minute of it!

This evening we are dining out with friends at a dim sum and sushi restaurant in Harrisburg. It should be an interesting experience. Tomorrow there may be pictures and a blog entry about that, too!


  1. your are such a classy lady eating at all these fancy restaraunts!! my husband would have fun with you, im a stick in the mud and tend to go to the same places and eat the same thing!!! how boring can i be!! you reminded me i have to start a little container water garden too!!!

  2. I love the blogs showing us your time off...
    Pat, I just love hooking!! I can't believe all of the cool people i have met through it!! LIKE YOU! I am so tuckered out right now..the kids and cleaning has pushed me to my limits...i am going to go take my bath jump in bed and rug hook and watch the new Tom cruise movine Valkryie..okay i think i spelled that wrong..but oh well! Tomorrow is the rug hooking guild at the Boonsboro library, not 100% sure if i am going...I have to buy carpet for Isaacs room and get groceries..have a good one!

  3. Hey Pat! I love Lurgan Greenhouse. Such a big place and seems to get bigger each year. I saw they moved a few sections.
    Who you kidding, you will have the santa rug done by the end of July if not sooner!
    See you Monday!!


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