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kitty companiona

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dying with Doris!

What an educational day!
I have been dying wool for years and just did not realize how lacking in proper technique I am! As a 'hit or miss' dyer, sometimes I got the result I wanted and sometimes...oh, well! Doris Aymar has perfected the technique of dying so that if you follow her guidelines, your wool will consistently come out right.

Here on the countertop between the stove and the kitchen sink she has all her supplies laid out in an orderly manner within easy reach.

First we did casserole dying: we scrunched up the wool

and Ruth applied the dye. Later it will be heated in the oven to set the color.

Doris is demonstrating the next technique: coat hanger dying.

This results in either strips of graduated coordinating colors or strips with several different colors blending into each other. She uses these color combinations for leaves, shaded flowers, scrolls, etc.

Here are Doris, Joan Linda, Jill and Linda discussing the effects of the 'abrashing' technique which can be done with one color as this piece was done, or using a second color for more depth.

Since it was a hot day and Doris did not want to overheat the kitchen while we were having lunch, she will be heat setting the wool in the oven later. So! You will have to tune in later to see the finished products! And I'm sure they will be stunning!!!

Thank you, Doris, for inviting us into your home and providing us with this expert instruction. And as a bonus, we got to enjoy looking at Doris' wool room and many of her lovely rugs!

The only thing missing here is a picture of Eloise. What was I thinking not to have taken a photo of the dear little girl?! She was so good and patient with us tall folks. But her excellent manners paid off with some treats at lunch time!

Anyone who is hoping to increase their dying skills should really take this class. Doris is planning to spend the summer working on new and interesting dye techniques. She will be offering classes again in the fall.


  1. check out the website itty bitty kitty committee you will love it!! now you will have to teach us how to dye....

  2. Pat - looks like a great day - I'm a hit or miss self-taught dyer myself - when I don't get the look I want - it's my water - yep that's my story and i'm sticking to it!


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