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kitty companiona

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Having Too Much Fun!

Here we go again! Give that woman a camera, put her in a car, and she'll bore you with all the details!

Zip and I spent last evening out having a good time with our friends Willa and Chuck. We drove to Harrisburg to dine at Mitaka, a dim sum/sushi restaurant. All of us love Adventures in Eating! Also Chuck and Willa were celebrating their 32nd anniversary.

I don't know what year it was (don't have my calculator) but don't they look cool!

OK, back to the food....

This is the aged tofu, which is fried tofu with a sauce of sweetened saki and soy sauce. On top are bonito flakes, tissue paper thin slices of fish that undulate from the heat of the tofu. Should have taken a video!

Willa and Chuck ordered several sushi rolls which were artfully presented. We all tried the dim sum, which is an assortment of small treats and dumplings that are traditionally eaten while drinking tea. None of us were brave enough to order the Phoenix Claw with Black Bean Sauce, which the waitress translated to be chicken feet!

Zip is eating the hibachi grilled shrimp, chicken and veggies, while Chuck very seriously considers his next move.

Willa and I are finished and discussing how we wIsh we could get hired as food critics. LOL! Oh, the ideal job! Traveling from restaurant to restaurant, tasting, evaluating, and writing about our experiences!

Afterward we stopped at Ashcomb near Williams Grove. Yes, another greenhouse! They were closing in 30 minutes so we didn't have much time. We were all fascinated by the bee hive they have in the store. The bees come and go through a pipe in the wall. You can watch them making their honey comb inside a glass and wooden frame. Shoulda gotten a picture!

And here they are (no, guys! they are NOT the Three Stooges!!! well, maybe the one on the right...) after a fun evening out. Hope we can do it again soon.

I promise, everyone! I will stay home for the rest of the weekend! And if I DO happen to go anywhere, I'll leave the camera at home!



  1. you cant stay home sunday in hagerstown at the washington county museum is the hooked rugs exhibits with people actually hooking remember doris's thing!! if you dont go sunday the exhibit is going to run for a while dont know how long!!!! food looked delicious and your right the pic of your friends was way cool!!!

  2. I like that "Adventures in Eating"! Too funny - I don't think I would have tried the chicken's feet either! LOL!

    IF you do go out - DON'T FORGET YOUR CAMERA - i'm enjoying the photos!

  3. I'm enjoying them too!! Sounded like a fantastic evening. Friends, food, and fun!


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