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kitty companiona

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Hooking!

Kathy invited me to go with her to hook with the Blue and Gray on Monday since I'm currently a woman of leisure. We had a wonderful time! You can check out most of the rugs on her blog, Rugs of Time. What a great group! Lots of ladies, lots of beautiful rugs, and lots of talk. It is so nice to get out and exchange information and ideas with other hookers.

I knew she wasn't going to post any pictures of HERSELF so I thought I should do the honor. When I said Happy Hooking, I really meant it! Have you ever seen a happier hooker???

Her rug is looking quite stunning! I think it's all done but the background.

Since she did such a great job of photographing everyone's work, I decided not to repeat the pictures on my blog. But here's one she didn't show that I thought was particularly cute. I just love the little bird on top of the house. Nice job, Ruth!

I was so tired from all the excitement (and the heat!) that I went home and took a nap. Then with renewed energy and all the inspiration from the morning, I finished putting the binding on my flower basket rug. In the past I have dyed yarn to match or coordinate with my rug to use for the whipping. I knew it was going to be hard to dye a yarn to match the background on this one so I used my leftover wool strips. It worked out nicely, and made it easier to cover when doing the corners.

Then yesterday I started my Santa piece. I may be changing the color of the fur trim on his coat, but think I'll let it sit for a while until I get more done. Maybe some tea dyed mottled natural would be better. Looked through my stash of greens and none are quite right for the tree. Will have to dye or get in to the shop and find something textured.

It's moving along a lot faster than I expected. Should be finished in time for Christmas! LOL!


  1. Pat - great pic of Kathy as she's always smiling or laughing! Too cute! Love your flower basket rug - yep the wool strips look great - did you like whipping with them? Great start on your Santa too! Wow you've been busy!

  2. OH you stinker!! LOL, it is a fun shot! Love the shot of Ruth's rug.
    Your rug turned out great, and I bet you are happy that it is "almost done". Looks done, but really isn't, now is it? Hmmmmm lol? You need to label your rugs Pat. You do such beautiful work, they NEED to be labeled to let people know who did it! If you don't, I'll put a label with MY name on it lol.
    I knew you'd get that Santa rug done before you thought you would. You are off to a fantastic start! Just love it!
    Thanks for going with me, and I hope we can do it again....


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