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kitty companiona

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Aaaaaahhh! Time Off!

Linda is off on her Hawaiian vacation. And I am not going to work during the two weeks that she'll be gone. Oh, Heavenly time off!! I intend to do exactly as I please and not a thing more!

Yesterday Zip and I took a little road trip, Mannings for me and the Yellow Breeches Shop for him. Mannings is off of route 234 before you get to East Berlin. This is the view from the bridge before turning into their property.

For those of you who have never been there, it is a spinning and weaving shop, featuring everything you would ever need to pursue these passtimes. Yesterday evening I was hoping to put binding on my flower basket rug but couldn't find my big yarn needle. I must have put it away somewhere SAFE! Mannings had many different yarn and darning needles to choose from. I bought eight of them and plan to put them each away in different safe places. I probably won't be able to find any of them!

And this is one small view of the yarn room at Mannings. Look at all of those lovely colors! And this is only a tiny part of the whole thing. There's loads more yarn, a huge collection of books and magazines, another room full of spinning wheels and one of looms too! Just too tempting! I did buy a few cones of weaving thread in anticipation of weaving again sometime in the future.

We ate lunch at Pomodora's/The Gettysburg Baking Company in Biglerville. It doesn't look like much from the outside, but inside.....! They make the most luscious pasteries and artisan breads! And they have a tiny restaurant section that only seats about 24 people. It's very gourmet and classy. We had pizza with asparagus and lemon and lavender goat cheese. Delish! The crust was thin like a pita and crispy. I want to be able to make pizza crust like that!

Then on to the Yellow Breeches Shop in Boiling Springs. Check it out! The flyfishing shop looks a lot like the yarn shop! LOL! Lots of threads, beads, fur and feathers!

While Zip was shopping, I walked around the Boiling Springs lake. It's a very small town with a lot of lovely old houses and the ones on the street that runs along the water are particularly nice. The have the area along the lake landscaped and mowed into a park area with benches under huge old trees. Here come the geese!

This Mother Goose had made her nest right beside the bridge that crosses the end of the lake where the spring enters. She didn't seem at all intimadated by my being only a few feet away. She did hiss when a woman and a dog walked by.

This is one of the lovely old homes that are built on the lakeshore.

This is a view of the whole lake. It was beginning to get stormy! It rained as we returned home along the Walnut Bottom road.

The remainder of the day was spent resting up. Never did start the rug binding! Too many needles, can't decide which one to use! LOL!


  1. Pat you are too funny with the needles - somewhere "safe" - hey post on here where you put your needles so next time you need it you can refer back or one of us will remember! LOL! Your day out looked wonderful! Isn't "found time" the best! Enjoy each and every day of doing whatever your heart wishes!

  2. LOL, I like Joanne's idea of telling US where you put your needles.
    Wonderful shots of your day out. Too funny with the fly fishing store looking like Mannings.
    I hope we are still on to go to Blue and Gray on Monday! Email me and let me know. And depending on how much relaxing you are doing next week, perhaps we can get together and hook for a bit over my house.

  3. Hi

    I love your blog and look in from time to time. I have been in your neck of the woods and I must say, have enjoyed the state.

    I am a fellow rug hooker/fibre dabbler currently residing in Canada's most easternly province-Newfoundland.

    Thought I would say hello to you!

    Corner Brook, Newfoundland


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