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kitty companiona

Friday, April 29, 2011

A Can of Worms

More accurately, a deli tray of worms.

I do not like leftover worms!
My first instinct is to throw them out as soon as I a finish a rug.  That would be wasting wool.
I do not like wasting wool.

When I designed my flower urn rug last week, I purposely put in those little circle flowers to use up worms.

I didn't do ANY color planning.  I just took out random pieces of wool I wanted to get rid of and put them in a pile.  What to take along to Grant Street today so I have plenty to work on?

The kitchen table before sorting and folding the wool.  A MESS!

It was a beautiful day for driving to Chambersburg, cool breeze, sun shining, fluffy white clouds.  Who would have guessed that the night before we had tornado warnings and severe thunderstorms and torrential rains?

I arrived about noon and there wasn't a lot of people there.  Most of the hookers arrive later in the day, appropriate for  Ladies of the Evening!  So we had time to chat and check out each other's rugs.

Marian is hooking a commemorative rug for a family member's wedding.  There was a lot of discussion about which textured wools would look best for the border.

Kathy has one horse finished and is starting on the red one.

Barb is working on a small colorful quilt.

This is Linda's rug.  It's a large Jacobean style design in soft colors.

Linda also made these cute carrots  (which I thought were ears of corn.  LOL!)  I can see them done in some of the textured wools to look like Indian corn for fall.  

I really love this dog rug which was hooked by Nancee.  I'm amazed with the color choices which make it look like an instant antique.  I'm envious!!!

For once I didn't spend ALL my time talking.  I worked on my rug and got a nice amount finished.  Since I used so many colors in the flowers and the urn, finding a good shade and color for the background wasn't going to be easy.

Kathy pulled wool quarters off the shelves and we debated the pros and cons.  I was hoping for three slightly different textures and shades of the same color.  We tried gold but I thought it was too bright.  Purple/lavender just didn't work.  We finally settled on a sage green.  My leaves and stems were already hooked and showed very dark.  I thought the much lighter sage would have enough contrast to look OK.

When I got home and cut my strips, the stems and leaves blended into the sage background.  YUCK!!!
Luckily I had bought some much-needed gold wool and used it to outline the foliage.  I can live with that!

I want to welcome the new followers who have joined recently.  I hope you enjoy what you see and read here.  And a big Thank You, to all the regulars who put up with my foolish wanderings.

Please have a great weekend, everyone!
Good weather and Happy Hooking!!!


  1. No foolishness here ~ only good stuff! Your rug is coming along so fast! It looks great ~ hook on!!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures..and I am loving your urn and flowers. all the colors add so much.

  3. Hey Pat, so good to see you yesterday :).
    I was so worried that the sage would be a little close. Love the gold that you used to separate the values. Looks good!!

  4. Pat, I am in love with that urn pattern. The gold outline was a stroke of genius! Please make this pattern available. Please.

  5. Today is another picture perfect weather day! I lOVE SPRING!!! Great pics from Grant Street... The color of the urn in your rug is gorgeous! That antique dog rug is another goodie... Mmmmmmm... wool... :-)

  6. I for one love reading your blog!! My comment has to be about the "carrots" I agree with you that look more like Indian Corn but either way I like them.

    Like the new header

  7. Pat,
    I am lovin' those colors in your rug so far! Backgrounds are tricky but I like what you did with the gold! That is such a nice pattern and I do think you should offer it for sale!
    I hope the weather calms down out there...... The news coverage is almost unbearable to watch of the damage.
    Stay safe and happy hooking with those lovely ladies of the evening!
    Cathy G

  8. Outlining the leaves in gold was GENIUS. It looks wonderful. Thanks for the tip.
    P.S. I think the carrots look like corn too. Darn cute whatever they look like.

  9. Pat, I agree the outlining of the leaves does the trick. The colors are really nice - great way to use up worms. Happy hooking - sorry I couldn't join you.

  10. Pat ~
    Such inspiring rugs. Yours is coming along beautifully. I thought it was corn too!
    Pug hugs :)

  11. I agree, you should offer up this pattern for sale...I'd buy it! You rug colors are great. I like the outline. I just love the flowers!

  12. Pat, your new rug is coming along so well. You did got a lot done at the hook in and I'm glad that the weather improved for your trip. All those tornados would have me on edge. I too love what you did with outlining the leaves. It is a very lovely design and I agree that you should offer that design for sale. Have a great weekend. JB


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