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kitty companiona

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Long Dry Spell

No, not the weather!  It's raining buckets and there's thunder and lightning.

It's the rughooking long dry spell of which I write.  I decided it's time to get back to the hooking whether I'm inspired or not.  I was laying in bed Friday night unable to sleep thinking of designs and not coming up with much.  Finally I decided on a primitive, very simple flower urn.  Something that could be done in an 8 cut and I won't have to think too much about color planning beforehand and just let it evolve.

I got up yesterday morning determined to get something on paper and maybe even on the backing.  It was the task of the day.

Of course I had much-needed help from my darling Deiter.  The minute I picked up the pencil, there he was, settling in on my paper.  At our house it is impolite to refuse a cat the attention he wants whenever he wants it.  So before I can continue my work, we have to talk and have a petting session.

A word of caution to those of you who do not have cats.  You may have heard that cats are independent, aloof, loners who would rather be by themselves.  NOT SO!  They are independent thinkers, you can't tell them what to do very often.  They can be aloof if they are offended or just don't want to talk at the moment.  They do need some alone time every day.  But most of them LOVE human companionship.  They NEED Mommy and Daddy time.  They will DEMAND it!

I was hoping a little bonk on the head with the pencil would move things along, but he stayed until he was good and ready to move.  Meantime I drank coffee and planned rug stuff.

Deet finally decided that Mom time was over and I finished my drawing.`

I do the enlarging at home on my computer because I'm impatient and it isn't always convenient to run to Staples.  I did all the appropriate math and the print setup and started the printer.  YIKES!!!  My design was coming out humongous!  I sized it down a bit and it was still HUGE!  What on earth???  I checked back through the cropping, math, and setup and discovered that somehow during the cropping of the excess around the edge of my design, the sizing had increased.  I'll have to check that more carefully in the future.  Meanwhile I wasted enough paper to make about a quarter of a tree.

All laid out and ready to put together.  Note that I have another 'little helper'!

OH NO!  No tape!!!

We were leaving shortly to meet Chuck and Willa to have dinner at the Pizza Grille in Carlisle.  We could get tape on the way, if it became possible to get out of the car without drowning.  The lightning was flashing, thunder booming, and the rain was falling in heavy curtains!  We saw small stream flooding everywhere.
We were lucky to make it home, but we did get the tape.  Hey, no food pictures this time!

This morning I got up early and transferred to my sheer fabric.  This is a drapery fabric that I get at a local fabric outlet that is stiff enough to make it easy to work with but finely woven enough that I can easily see through it and
get good detail in the transferring.  And it's inexpensive.

Now if only it were sticky like the 'crack stop' that so many hookers are using now.  It has to be pinned on.
Another thing I like about this fabric is that it doesn't suck up the marker ink like 'red dot'.

All the while I'm working, The Big One is close by.  Look at that wide behind!  I think we're both sitting around too much!

Finally finished!  I have no specific color plan.  I know I want the urn to look like yellow-ware and the leaves to be a sagey gray green.  Beyond that, it will just have to evolve.

It's so nice to be happy about working on a rug again!

While I'm trying to write this post, guess what!

He's Baaaack!!!

Not stomping on the keyboard, thank goodness.  But clawing the screen instead!

Have a great day!
May all your cats be Big Fat Lovey Ones!!!


  1. That Deiter is a real charmer! Such a sweetie mush pie too!!!! lol! LOVE your newest design! Thanks for sharing your process too... I've heard of the crack stop... I grin every time I hear that name... I always think of a plumber... lol! After all that rain... we have sunshine here too! A happy day for sure!

  2. Haha, Moosecraft! Yeah, it sounds like something a plumber should be using in the back to conceal the dreadful sight!

  3. Hi Pat - You sound like me - no ideas! And with me - I can't get started - but once it's on linen - i don't stop! Anyway - Deiter is a greta helper and you are so right about misconceptions about kitties! I meant to tell you I was in the SPCA the other day (donating Miles meds) and I nearly had to call you to see if Deiter was missing - A big boy just like him and so friendly - I was petting and talking to him for quite a while!

  4. Deiter is so funny. It's funny how our pets really are in control of things. Millie gets attention whenever she wants, and it I'm too slow she gives me a snort and a swat.
    I'm fascinated with this "crack stop" stuff. Doris has sent me some so I can't wait for it to arrive to check it out. Your new design is great. Can't wait to see your color choices.

  5. Hi Pat....that was so fun for me to watch you creating this design. I am new to this hooking and I can't wait to see this rug evolve.
    Maybe I will need to get a cat to help with this new passion of mine.

  6. Pat,
    I love the new design...I'm a sucker for the flower urn stuff anyway! I can't wait to see where you'll take it. I have not heard of the crack stop stuff. Where do we get it? I need to get a cat helper too!

  7. Hi Pat,
    Dieter seems to know when you "need" some help! He is one dedicated kitty! Your design is wonderful! I have yet to learn the process on the computer! So many things to learn in this world of rug hooking and not enough "dedicated" time I think!
    I can't wait to see the design in progress now! The colors you have in mind sound wonderful! I am the same way as I start with maybe a couple of colors and let the rest evolve!
    Give all your furry babes and yourself a special hug from me!
    Cathy G

  8. Pat, your design is fabulous and so precise. I just love it. I'm sure it will sell well. About Deiter, I think that you just don't get it. He want you to use him as a design. He sits on the paper and wants to be more than just a pretty cat... He wants to be a big part of the design the way I see it. He would make a nice rug. JB

  9. Pat, I forgot. Thanks for you sweet comment on my Grandmother's Trunk Creative Challenge rug. JB

  10. I guess it's reall hard to ignore your kitties when they plop themeselves down in the middle of your piece. Glad you give them their time :).
    Loving your piece you drew up Pat! Love the yellow ware color for the vase too. I'm imagining you will be dyeing for this piece as well. Hope you share you steps with everyone. Your border is very cool!! Can't wait to see how you work that one with color.
    Oh, I also had to pick myself up off the floor seeing you talk about hooking in an #8 cut. You've been working with such small cuts lately. Hoping this one goes by quickkly for you and keeps you motivated!!! Then you can go back and forth with your cuts :)

  11. Thanks Pat for a lovely post.
    I am glad that you are back in gear again. I myself am going through the dry patch with the block, I keep looking at it but don't manage to pick it up. It will come, one day I will decide all on the spur of the moment and start again.
    Great description of cats for those without, and as for moving them on, NEVER.... I often type with my head crooked around one of them when they decide to sit in front of the screen, couldn't possibly move them.
    Nice design too, looking forward to seeing the colours.

  12. Pat ~
    What a delightful post. I LOVE the pic of Deiter's back side.
    Your rug is going to be lovely. Thanks for sharing the process with us. That border is very interesting. I look forward to many more pictures while you are hooking.
    Pug hugs to the furbabies :)

  13. Pat, You sure did get a lot done once you set your mind to it. Love your design! I'm sure it will work up great in a rug.

    Cat's have their humans trained very well so it's no use for us to try to train them.

  14. LOL Deiter is too cute. Love the rug and can't wait to see how it comes out!

  15. Hi Pat.... Just love reading your posts...Deiter
    is just too cute... and your rug, what an awesome design... Cannot wait to see the progress from start to finish.... You really inspired me to start drawing some of my own designs....


  16. Hello Pat,

    Nice to see you are back designing a rug again. You know of course that this would not be possible without Deiter's guidance and supervision - LOL. Can't wait to see the colours emerge from your design!

    Btw, I just love me some cat haunch and think Deiter's ample caboose is delightful :-)

  17. The rug pattern is GORGEOUS!!!
    I love your cats..mine are always right there seeing what Mom is doing. They especially enjoy anything that involves paper!
    and my tortie Callie likes to "steal" stuff for her stash--she is like a magpie!
    Mr. Dieter certainly is photogenic--and he obviously KNOWS it!!!

  18. Pat, Great that you are back in gear. Love that Dieter - such a good boy! The design is great - YOU are going to use and #8 WOW - should be done in a hurry


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