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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Can You See the Green???

These buds are on the maple tree right outside the kitchen window.

The rain is over (temporarily) and the sun is shining.  I hate to mention that this has seemed like the longest winter of my life.  It really put me in a funk!  I'm hoping it's over.

Another thing that has put me into a funk and almost put an end to my interest in rug hooking is my Grandmother's Trunk challenge rug for Rug Hooking Daily.  When I signed up for this challenge I loved the idea of commemorating my grandmothers who were the inspiration for my childhood needlework.  I still love the IDEA, it's my DESIGN that I Do Not Like!  And I can't come up with anything better right now.

I kept dragging my feet, not wanting to put it on the linen.

Then I dug out some wool.  This has all happened over many weeks of procrastinating!

I finally started pulling a few loops.
Then Deiter sat on it and everything came to a halt.

Petting the cat was way more fun than working on a rug that I didn't like anyhow!

Aaaaah!  The joys of bonding!  These are the best moments of our day.

So give it up, Mom!  Forget this rug, it's not your best work!  And I'm gonna be here for a while....

The only part of the rug that I like so far is this yarn ball!

I just think the design sucks!  It is going to be ripped out and I'll draw something else on the back and go on with life.  I can't have this blocking my love for hooking!

I decided to quit the challenge with a great sigh of relief!

The only thing that has kept me sane (I guess that's debatable!) through this long crappy winter has been the cats.  Every day they make me laugh and amaze me with their intelligence and imagination.

We have a ladderback chair with a soft pillow on it in front of our phone desk.  This is Tipper's favorite sleeping spot.  Last weekend the complaints started.  First she began jumping up, sniffing around, looking meaningfully at me and then would finally settle.  Then she didn't want to jump up.  More meaningful looks.  Yes, there the pillow cover was looking a bit grungy and there was cat hair on it.  Her Hair!

The verbal complaints began.  She was downright GRUMPY!

So Zip and I collected up all the cushion covers, kitty blankets, and washable cat beds and did Cat Laundry.
We replaced everything with clean covers.  Is this appreciation???  They were sooo happy!

Deiter took Tippy's favorite spot.  We put the little fleece bed on top of the desk and Izzy and Penny climbed in.

Then Penny took Tippy's chair and Reggie used the fleece bed.

Deiter back on the chair and Penny in the bed.  Tippy was forced to use the wing chair.

Who would have imagined that clean laundry could be so inspiring! 

Hope the sun is shining on your life today!
Thanks for stopping by!

P.S.  Deiter would like to welcome Kelly and the women from the Creative Catalyst blog.
He approves of any blog that has a Cat as a logo and the word Cat in it's header and appreciates having humans who enjoy pictures of him.


  1. I just love having cats strewn about the house! Sometimes I look at Robert and exclaim with glee "there are cats everywhere!!!" I can see it is the same in your home :-)

    I think Dieter was trying to help you make a decision about the rug. I know it's a lot of work but he was telling you to start again by sitting on top and not letting you continue. Cats know these things! I'm sure inspiration will strike when you least expect it and you will come up with a new design that you like much better :-)

    So nice to see buds on's about time!!!

  2. Gotta love that Deiter - he's one smart boy knowing you weren't happy he solved your problem! Love the "flop house" pictures! Goodness they all look so comfortable I want to come over and lay in a sunbeam! It has been an awful winter and here's hoping for a wonderful spring and hope to see you soon!

  3. When I come back to this earth, again, I'm coming back as ONE OF YOUR CATS!!!!!! They have a marvelous life and they know it!!! I kind of liked your pattern ~ lots of detail ~ maybe that's why it didn't speak to you!

  4. I like your pattern, but organizing all the color choices would test my limits! Your cats are so beautiful. I am longing for a cat, but I need to figure out what's going on with Gussie first. I've felt out of sorts for a while too. Spring is on the horizon, but it needs to send a bit more warmth as far as I'm concerned.

  5. I love the pics of the cats "re-furring" their spots for spring!

  6. Oh Pat!
    What a disappointment that the pattern didn't work out for this challenge. I admire you for knowing when to move on to something else. There's no use investing time and wool into a project that you're not excited about! I do like your design. It is quite detailed and would require a lot of color planning. There are times in life when too many challenges are just not good! Deiter is one smart kitty! How blessed you are to be surrounded by such loving intuitive creatures. They take care of us and enjoy the simple pleasures as we do! Who doesn't LOVE the smell of fresh clean sheets....... which reminds me...... ( there's a pile of laundry here to be tended to! LOL)
    Enjoy those buds and your Spring as it SLOWLY unfolds!
    Cathy G

  7. Well I do like that design... thought it was a nice tribute... but, I also know that when the heart's not into hooking something.. it just ain't gonna happen... so great decision Deiter made to not allow you to torture yourself any longer! :-) Those kitties are so dang cute! Looking forward to seeing your next hooking masterpiece!

  8. Pat, I think that I was a cat in my other life because I LOVE the smell of fresh bedding too... I'm sorry that your design didn't appeal to you because I think that it was really nice. I'm sorry that you couldn't pinpoint exactly what would have been appropriate. I think that winter had something to do with it . It has been a rather long and nasty winter and I'm not sorry to see it go at all.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Looking forward to seeing your next rug project in the future. HUGS, JB

  9. Hi Pat, The animals never cease to amaze me. Eloise like the cats is very particular about her bed (my bed????) and constantly makes it to suit her! I like what you had done for your granmothers rug but know when you don't like something you never finish it. Hope your funk is over and you can get on with life - love to Zip

  10. Hey Pat! I didn't see anything wrong with the design, but like everyone else, if you aren't happy, then it won't get done. we are all like that. I hope you can capture what it is in your heart on the back of the linen.
    Praying for your funk to be over! Hope to see you sometime soon.

  11. Hi Pat,
    It would definately be more fun watching those adorable kitties entertain than hook a rug you are not loving. By the way, I thought the design was great but I know how sucky it is to hook something you are not feeling.
    Isn't it great to see new spring buds emerge!

  12. Pat ~
    LOVE all the kitty pictures!!!
    Sorry the rug didn't work out, but at least you have the good sense to quit and move on. I'm sure next time around you will hook the perfect rug!
    Hugs :)

  13. We are beginning to see the green here. We are also starting to dry out :-). That means Spring is here. I love your cat photos. I'm not much with a needle but appreciate the skill and talent of others who are. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  14. Some bit of spring is coming to our house too. I'm so happy about winter being over so I can open the windows and get some fresh air in.

    I do like your rug idea even if you don't think it's exactly what you want.

    Kitty pictures made my day. Cute!


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