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kitty companiona

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Question of the Day.

Some opinions, please!

What do you think of this border???

Is it 'too much' for the primative look of the urn?
Would smaller rounded tongues look better? 
Or something totally different???

The view without the flash.  I think the first picture is closer to the trrue colors.

This issue needs to be worked out before I go much farther.

I'm not always good at decisions.
So thank you for your input!!!


  1. Dear Pat, your border looks wonderful to me. I like how you used the darker color on the bottom and the lighter on the top of the border. I think that this rug is a real winner. I love it. Your design is going to be popular.

    Hurry, I can't wait to see it finished. JB

  2. Hi Pat, I think it looks beautiful! You used the same colours in the circle flowers and the background and urn are done simply. It's a very unique border. All of your rugs are just lovely! Becky

  3. I wouldn't change a thing!!! Love how you used all your colors, and it is very simple looking. You kept it uniform. Very nice!! Keep it and Keep on moving with it..

  4. I'm thinking the size looks just right... maybe add a strip of the urn color (or a shade darker) to the outer most or second to outer most row of strips in the tongue?

  5. I agree with all of the above. I especially like the border done in three colors. Your colors are wonderful as is the design. It is going to be a beautiful rug when finished. Looking forward to seeing it soon.

  6. Wolf Whistle!! It's looking fabulous! Keep on hookin' Pat!!
    Cathy G

  7. Pat ~
    I think it is wonderful. Different than anything I've seen. I think you should keep going. Your hooking is beautiful!!!
    Pug hugs :)

  8. I am sorry to say I think it might be a bit busy and compete with the flowers...maybe if the orange/yellow were removed and it was done in all darker colors my eye wouldn't "stop" on it as much..just my opinion ladies!

  9. rx2 massey
    That was my concern. I took out the brighter of the stripes and replaced it with a textured olive and gray. I like it better.

  10. WOW!!! I'm afraid I don't know anything about hooking and what makes for good composition but I really think this is lovely.

  11. I like the border. But, I also like the main motif quite a bit too. I think toning it down, like you said might put the focus on the flowers more. But, it is beautiful just the way you have it too! I have to have this pattern at some point! I love it!

  12. Hi Pat...looks great to me but everything you do looks good ....if you change anything I know it well be for the better...
    love ya

  13. No matter what, it's a great pattern! I love it the way you show it ~ I'll probably love it more with the change!! Hook on!

  14. It looks splendid to me and really love the border!

  15. Hi Pat, I look for the focal point in a rug. My eye goes to the border instead of the flowers. Bowl and flowers should be the focal. Maybe the border is a bit bright or a bit to large. Check out the forcal point.

  16. *****the solution would be in what do you want to focus on...the urn and circular flowers or the border. the border overwhelms the interior
    element because of the size of the lambs tongues and their overlapping each other. the eye should always travel on a primitive rug, not stop and start. think the s curve on how your eye would wander. so, some options would be to decrease the size (width) of the lambs tongues and outling them with one color and fill in with alternating colors from the urn and berries. another option would be to take the circles from the urn berries and use them in the border, which will simplify the design
    but may not carry enough weight for balance.
    think of the caswell carpet designs with the basket of fruit which was the section that could be removed in front of the fireplace. you can see the design on from the lib callaway designs. the lambs tongues are smaller in width and can carry a lot of color to help. another solution would be to take the various colors from the center motif and simply start with the darkest at the outer border and work your way inward. good luck...lovely colors
    chosen and good technique.
    p.s...went back and looked at the design...try the small inside of the lambs tongues that you have already drawn and just connect them to each other at the base. try this on a piece of paper to get a general feel for the change. should work out well.

  17. *****how about this one...a scalloped border? this will give you enough quiet on the outside
    as to concentrate on the interior.a good example of this border is edyth oneill's fruit theorm that can be seen on the woolley fox website. i hooked this piece back in 2001 and it is very nice. so take a piece
    of paper that you can see through if held against the screen of your computer or a piece of plastic wrap and place over your design. this will give you the opportunity to draw over the border to try out various alternatives. the border you are using of the double scallops or lambs tongues,is more of a victorian idea/cottage look than primitive. this has been mostly used with a very stylized floral border, or a center animal. good luck with your decisions. hope some of this helps.

  18. Thank you, newburyarts!
    Since I posted, I toned down the colors by eliminating the gold band and put in an olive drab. That toned down the color considerably. I've gone about a third of the way around the rug so am not sure I want to take it ALL out. I'm considering narrowing the border by removing an inch or so of the outside edge to see how that works before totally starting over. I'll do that and post the results within the next few days.
    I did check the Wooly Fox website and liked the scalloped border. If the narrowing isn't effective, I may go with the scallops.
    Thanks again for your input!

  19. I like the idea of the border, but may be too big of a 'scallop'. Maybe bring the top part down a bit into less of a point. I like the colors. To me, the large element of the borders takes away from the urn, but if you lower the arch, I think it would work. I was looking at your circles in your blog photo, and oh, my! I wish I could hook a circle that well. Mine always seem to turn into more of a square. I can't seem to hook on the bias to make things round.

    Your work is beautiful.

  20. *****you are welcome...often times the design is great in our head. on paper it still looks good and even on the foundation, but when color is added...everything changes and you can ask yourself, "what was i thinking?" even after all of these years i still learn something from every rug. good will all work out well!

  21. *****one more thing...just wanted to mention that since you are using a sage green mixture in the background, the most important color to warm the entire rug should be a brick red in the border.
    try this to add depth and warmth. your colors are great but sometimes that amount of green will
    need warmth. the sage green will automatically
    "age" this piece and a great choice for a background. i especially use this when i hook water because here on the coast in new england the water is green...not blue! once again, the best of luck in your choices.

  22. Thanks!
    I'm giving the rug a rest for a few days to clear my mind and consider the options before soldiering on.I appreciate your input.

  23. Pat -I'm sure whatever you do will be the right thing for you! Love what you have done so far


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