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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

When Life Gives You Lemons

Make lemonade for breakfast!

These beauties came from my Meyer lemon tree that lives outside in the summer and in the basement in winter.  Zip moved the tree to it's summer place and removed the fruit so it can bloom and make more.

Meyer lemons are less tart than the lemons available at the grocery.  Their skin is thinner and there is no white bitter pithy part under the skin so the whole lemon can be chopped and used in a recipe.  I haven't decided yet how I am going to use these precious little darlings.

On Saturday I attended the meeting of the South Cumberland Fiber Guild which meets in the Shippensburg Library annex.  My friend Dottie was giving a talk and demo on how to knit socks from the toe up.  The toe up method makes it easier to get the correct foot length because you can try on the sock as your knitting progresses.

Some of the socks Dottie is working on.

About a year ago I took a picture of Dottie at another event and she didn't like the result so I was only allowed to take a shot of her foot this time!  LOL!  I did OK on the sock modeling, didn't I???  Have I redeemed myself?

Nancy brought some interesting yarns and colors for her socks.  The bag at the right side was handwoven by Nancy.

Shirley brought a few show-and-tell projects.  She's been knitting hats with her handspun yarn.

This is her crocheted spinning wheel mat.

This is the starting row of my sock.

To make the toe you knit in a circle and make a stitch at the beginning and end of each side.  I took it home and worked on it until the toe portion was finished.  I didn't like the look of the 'make one' places so I tore it all out and will be starting over as soon as I get two new sets of circular needles.  I've decided to do both socks at the same time on two circular needles.

On Monday I went to the Cumberland Valley Hookers hook-in.

Ruth was showing the wools she dyed at a recent class at Grant Street Woolworks taught by Joan Straussbaugh (hope I spelled her name right!)  The wools in her hands were done by the 'marrying' technique.

Here are some other random shots of rugs that people were working on.

I came home and spent the afternoon finishing the background on my rug.

Today I dyed some gold yarn to use for the binding.  I tried to match it to the gold wool used for the outline on the vines and the outer border.  I'm pleased with the results.

I will leave you with a picture of some lovely flowers that were on the porch of a little greenhouse we visited yesterday.  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Thanks for the nice photos of all the knitting. Two socks on one set of circular needles, I can't see how you can do that. I know that they knit mittens but I can't seem to understand how it's possible. So much for my knowledge of knitting.

    How lucky for you that your lemon tree gives you beautiful fresh lemons.

    Your rug is stunning already. It looks so well designed and the colors are perfect. That gold yarn will crown it nicely.

    I love anything that blooms. JB

  2. I've been having a little trouble leaving comments on blogger so we'll see if this works.
    The lemon tree sounds awesome.... lemons that you can use without peeling..... I haven't heard of them before.
    I think your dyeing of the wool for binding turned out so nice! You have a lot of projects going.... puts me to shame! Although I did get my kitchen floor mopped today.... does that count?
    Have a great Memorial Day Weekend Pat!
    Cathy G

  3. Oh I love how your rug turned out!! It's lovely! I was noticing the circles in your header photo. They lay so nice and flat. Do you start circles in the center or from the outside working in?

  4. Barn Door,
    I had to stop and think before I answered! LOL!
    I start from the outside of the circle and work inward.

  5. Your rug finished up beautifully! Gold is a great choice for the whipping... I think it will accent the center's gold outlining just right! The sock knitting technique sounds interesting... Always fun to see what everyone is hooking and crocheting at the meetings!

  6. Your rug turned out fabulously! I love it! I enjoyed seeing all the socks...I like to knit socks in the winter-time. Plus, seeing what folks are doing with their homespun is always a pleasure. That must be some lemon tree you have...the fruit is beautiful.

  7. While I've made socks, I've never tried the toe-up or doing two at one time--although I should because I usually give up after one sock it done! Your rug turned out great. Love the border.

  8. Pat ~
    Just recently I was reading a blog post and they used Meyer lemons, but for the life of me I haven't a clue where!
    Great post. I LOVE your rug.
    Hugs :)

  9. Hi Pat, Hope you,Zip and the cats had a good weekend! Oh I love all of your rug-hooking photos...Your picture of the lemons made me want lemonade! Take care and have a wonderful day...


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