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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Horay for Summer!

Hot weather is usually more than I can handle, but you will not hear me complaining....yet!
It has been beautiful outside the past few days.  And inside all the fans are whirring.  I am happy!

From the garden we are getting fresh strawberries and tomatoes.
We just planted the six strawberry plants last year and we are getting a nice bowlful every two or three days.

In the past Zip and I have declined to purchase 'patio' tomatoesw because we have a large garden area and selecting compact growing plants has not been necessary.  Last year we went to the local greenhouse to get our usual full sized tomatoes and were seduced into the patio brand by the lovely ripe tomatoes already on the sturdy little plants.  They turned out to be nice medium sized tomatoes with great flavor.  Good for sandwiches or salads.  This year we bought two plants and already have had about eight yummy tomatoes.

 Zip has planted sweet corn, green beans, beets and some herb plants so far.

I was looking out the kitchen window a few days ago and say this brown 'thing' in the grass beyond the garden.  We are trying to keep an eye out for those pesky groundhogs.  This did not move fast enough for one of those critters.  I made another guess and Zip took the camera and went to check it out.  I was right!  A snapping turtle!

And she had dug a hole.  I hope she laid some eggs in there!.

On Friday, Zip and I spent the whole day out cruising around to some favorite places.
We went to East Berlin to Woolgatherings.  Carol is selling her knitting supplies at closeout prices.  I bought a big bag of yarn and some needles.
I've been obsessing over sock knitting lately and wanted to get some yarn to make contrasting heels.  The two variegated yarns came from Joann's and Hobby Lobby.  We stopped at Mannings and got the solid color.  It is much more lime green than shown in the picture.

Here is the sock so far.  Now I have to decide which technique to use for the heel.  The yarn has more purple than shows in the picture.

In our travels we stopped at Ashcombe greenhouse.  I know I've shown this place before, but it's so lovely I couldn't resist a repeat.

As you walk in the gate you are greeted with a gorgeous display of color.

Inside the greenhouses are packed with a huge variety of flower and vegetable plants.

Herbs for every letter of the alphabet.


This display made me smile.  It looks like the garden patio for the modern witch!

I love this elaborate finch cage.

On Memorial Day Monday, Willa and Chuck invited us to their house to enjoy the peaceful setting around their goldfish pond.

The built a small stream that trickles down a bank and spills into the pond using some natural rock formations and other stones found in the mountains.

Their backyard is shady so hostas are featured plants.

We had a nice dinner of pasta and salad with flatbread.  They are getting ready to sell their home and move to Missouri.  Willa has been busy cleaning and packing and Chuck has been painting and fixing.  Zip and I will be sad to see these good friends leaving.

The kitties have been seeking out the coolest places to nap.  Deiter likes to lay in the bathtub where the porcelain is cool on his fur.  Penny and Reggie lay on the sewing room floor under the ceiling fan.  Tipper lays in the window on the shady side of the house.  Izzy is on the kitchen table where I'm cutting fabric with the fan going full blast.

Hope you are finding your own comfortable spots to enjoy the summer weather.


  1. Ok, I'm trying to decide what to envy first...the strawberries, the tomatoes (yum), the wool, the socks, the turtle sighting, the garden center, or dinner with good friends! Your socks are way cool! I just spun up some alpaca which I promptly sold! Yeah! It was luscious!

  2. I am drooling over the fresh tomato! you are way ahead of us in season. I love the garden center. I have tried to stay away from those places I go a little nuts in them I open my wallet and all of my money flies out.

  3. Pat ~
    So many beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing!
    I am craving a home grown tomatoe. For the holiday, I made my tomatoe/fresh mozarella salad, but the tomatoes just did not have much flavor. And strawberries warm off the vine ~ yum!
    Your socks are way cool!
    Pug hugs :)

  4. Wow, pat. I can't believe that you are already eating fresh garden tomatoes and strawberries from your garden. Your blog is always filled with good things.

    We don't see turtles very often, We found a painted turtle crossing the road one day and took it to the Wild Life park and they said to bring a car load of kids with the family and they would all get in for free. They were happy to receive the turtle as long as it was not a snapping turtle because they kill the ducks in the pond we were told.

    Your cats sure live the good life and your socks looks great for cooler weather which will be back before we know it. You and Zip are living the good life too. Take care. JB

  5. Pat,
    It surely looks like summer has arrived by you! Strawberries and tomatoes are a good month away for us here! sigh......
    I love your socks and the colors are just wonderful!
    I was so surprised when you said Chuck and Willa your good friends are moving away. I have been so depressed because my good friend and neighbor Lisa and her hubby are moving away too! She is Mom's next door neighbor and is so good to her. It just makes me sick that they are leaving now. It is so coincidental that we both are having good friends leaving at the same time!
    Well I guess the only thing certain in this world is change Huh?
    Nice picture of the garden center..... I could spend an entire day in there!
    Cathy G

  6. Tomatos already - I'm jealous - ohhh and strawberries! Are they easy to grow? We have a bunch of tomato and hot pepper plants on the deck growing in big pots - the tomato plants are just starting to flower. Sounds like a wonderful week you had and good bargains and good food! My boys are drama queens when it gets to hot in the house - they flop and act like I'm killing them with the heat!

  7. Yum those strawberries look delicious! Love all your photos, especially that cat one!!

  8. Mmmmmmm... tomatoes! Maybe I aught to try some patio tomaters next year! I think I have a marble sized green one just starting? lol! LOVE the pics of the greenhouse! Flowers and wool get my attention every time! Izzy is a cute little gal!

  9. What a cool turtle!! Hope it laid eggs too. How cute would that be? Happy to see you so busy Pat! Great greenhouse, lots to look at. Love your socks too. don't know how you do it. Very talented and gifted you are! so happy the warmer weather is finally here, look forward to seeing you soon. Sorry to hear your friends are moving, hope they love their new place when they get there!

  10. Oooh, I would love to see baby turtles hatching!

  11. Kim @ Millies MatsJune 3, 2011 at 2:53 PM

    Those tomatoes do look pretty tempting. In a salad or a nice toasted tomato sandwich with lots of mayo. I planted tomatoes for 3 years in a row and did very well but then in the 3rd year the slugs arrived. Uggh, I'm such a baby but they gross me out and they leave that slimy trail behind them and I could not get rid of them. Maybe I will try a patio pot this year.

  12. hi Pat...been having trouble leaving comments on yours and Julia blog I hope this gets through..tomatoes look mmmmmmmmm and so do the strawberries....
    take care

  13. OK Pat, I'm starting my sourdough starter this evening and I double dare you to get yours started too. Mine failed last time but the weather has warmed up so maybe it'll work this time. If you need the recipe, I'll post it on my blog later this evening. JB

  14. Hi Pat,Oh my on the strawberries and tomatoes! Looks so good! Looks like you and your hubby get out and zip around also like we do. ENjoy I say! Sweet kitties by the way.....WHat would life be like without cats I ask? Not good to me!

  15. So much to comment on, but I think I will stick with the socks. I love to knit socks, but haven't yet tried a toe-up version. Love your yarns. They should be nice and cozy once cold weather gets here.

  16. I came to this post via Pinterest, and I'm very happy I did! I loved your beautiful photos, especially the elaborate Finch cage. I wish I could find somewhere local that would carry it. My birds would adore it :) Thanks for sharing~

    Chelsea @ LPBA


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