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kitty companiona

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Great Activity Slump

Life has been pretty boring around here for the past week.  You'd think now that summer is here we would be doing interesting things.  Not so!

Zip has been mowing grass and going fishing.  I've been working on sewing orders and knitting these boring socks that I'm sick of already.  And listening to books on CD.  Lots of books on CD.

Even the cats are in a stupor from the heat.

Yesterday the weather was a bit cooler so we drove to Carlisle to check out the Aldi grocery store.  These are kind of hit or miss discount stores.  I had found some yummy ravioli with cheese and hot Italian sausage at the store in Chambersburg.  We were hoping to get more of it in the Carlisle store.  Big disappointment.  But it got us out of the house and on the road for half a day.  Zip stopped in Boiling Springs to get supplies at the flyfishing shop.  I walked over to the lake to take a few pictures.  I love this area!

Flower planters on the bridge at the end of the lake.

A duck peacefully swimming.  There were more crowded around a family who were feeding them.

Some lovely old homes surround the edges of the lake.

There were other things I could have photographed as we went flying down the road, but by the time I am able to say, 'gee, that would have made a nice picture', we are half a mile past.  Zip doesn't waste any time.  I think he's afraid I might want to stop at a yard sale!

Today we spent the afternoon with Brad and Kami and grand-daughter Emily.  We had lunch together in their screened patio which is decorated like a German beer garden.

A small part of Brad's stein collection.

He did the painting of the German sayings.  Don't ask me to translate!

They have been working on their water garden.  This year they added the waterfall part at the top left.  All the components have been gotten at yard sales for less than $20.  They plan to add more topsoil, stones,  and plant hostas to make it look more natural.  Last year some frogs came and took up residence.  We're hoping they come back this year.

Another water garden features a Gem hand pump that they found at a flea market.  More flowers will be planted around it.  The vine in the background is a hops plant that covers the whole front of the patio area.

On the home front.  I haven't started another rug yet.  It's on my To-Do List!

Here are the socks I'm tired of working on.  I wanted to work them both at the same time on two circular needles, but I kept getting confused as to which row I was on and when to make my increases.  Plus taking the two strands of yarn from the same ball caused a lot of tangling and the need to untwist.  So they are now being made one at a time.

The bummer is that on the first sock the heel turning went perfectly.  When I began the heel on the second sock, things didn't go as well even though I was using the same instructions.  What's with that???  I did the heel over three or four times before I got an acceptable heel.  Yeesh!

I will close with one of my favorite pictures of Deiter.
He always makes me smile!

Hope you are having an enjoyable week!


  1. Pat,
    You sound like me kind of going along these days in slow mo! But you have accomplished way more than I have! Those socks look terrific! I wouldn't have a clue how to turn a heel! I love the color too!
    Brad and Cami's ponds look wonderful! I have been wanting some kind of water feature in my yard too! They've done a beautiful job! Do they have some koi fish in the plans?
    You and Dieter keep enjoying each day! I think it's darn important to enjoy not accomplishing a thing every so often!
    Cathy G
    p.s. Is that how Zip got his name? Zipping past those garage sales too fast to stop? LOL! Sounds very familiar!

  2. Is it a guy thing to whiz by a good tag sale? LOL
    I have had issues with turning the second heel as well. Usually I l
    ike it, but once in a while it goes all wonky. That Dieter is a beauty. I love the little tucked in paw! I've been on-line at Petfinder to scope out a cat for the new home. Hubby promised me one when we move. I'm debating between a Russian Blue or a Calico. I've had both. My last wonderful kitty was a Calico. She was amazing. I'll go for an older cat because it breaks my heart that they are still at a shelter longing for a home.
    I really love the yarn in those socks!

  3. Oh that Deiter! He stole the whole post! Seriously.... made me forget everything else you wrote about! lol! Have a wonderful Summer!

  4. Hi! Isn't it funny that some of us go to the same grocery stores? I get it on the photos and the hubby "zipping" by also! Hard to take a photo isn't it? What beautiful photos today and I love your socks! I don't sew so I really admire those who do....Keep up the good work! Have a nice day and tell Deiter Prissie says hi!

  5. That's why I do the driving! My husband is oblivious to anything! That Deiter is one handsome man - love him! We have Aldi's but never been in one - my parents shop there all the time though. Socks - seems to be a constant complaint from people I know knitting socks about the turn!

  6. Love, love the picture of Deiter Pat.
    Guess you won't be making a whole lot of socks then??

  7. Pat ~
    What a great patio Brad and Kami have! I love the Gem water pump.
    That Deiter is one handsome fella!
    Pug hugs :)

  8. Oh Pat, how can things get boring with Deiter around. I just love his little paw and the expression as if to say "Who, me?"

    What a lovely place around that lake and lovely homes. Someone must spend a lot time and work to get all those water features in their gardens. It's nice that they get these things so cheap.

    Your socks are lovely. I still don't understand how you could knit a pair of socks on circular needles.

    Maybe you need to go camping with a bunch of women to pass the time. You could rent a cottage somewhere by the lake. Wouldn't that be a hoot? JB

  9. Looked like a nice day at Brad and Kami's. Great shots of what they are doing outdoors.
    Loved your outside shots while Zip was busy. So peaceful!
    We all know you, that when you make up your mind for your next rug, we don't want to blink. You'll be done with it already! Hope you share the progress of it.
    Deiter has some striking green eyes!

  10. What a gorgeous face Deiter has! I love all your pics, the lake looks so peaceful.

  11. Hi Pat! great pics ,the lake is beautiful and so is think you don't get nothing done but you are wrong ,you get done alot more then me...

    miss you


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