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Friday, May 20, 2011

Window Wars and Lots of Other Stuff

The weather here has been terrible to say the least.  Last week we had a few nice days and then this major weather system blew in and has been hovering and circling over the east coast for many days.  We've had thunder storms and heavy rain, brought in from the Atlantic.  Yesterday we started the woodstove because it was so cool and damp.

On one of the few nice days I opened some windows and thus began the altercations.  Open windows have become such a novelty that everyone wanted to get in the action.

Deiter and Izzy were right there checking the great outdoors, sniffing the air.

Penny and Reggie joined the crowd and Deiter decided to hand the space over to the young ones.
Things went well at first.  Everyone minding their own business and enjoying nature.

Then they start looking around.  Not enough personal space!  Mom, she's looking at me funny!

And the 'picky paw' begins!  The kids are fighting again!

Small but feisty and determined, Penny wins the undisputed place in the window.

The others retreat to the living room window.
Meanwhile Tipper is taking a nap somewhere.

When I finally got a chance to look out the window, I saw this!

Even though we only live a few miles from the base of the mountains, we seldom see deer in the front yard.

                                            *   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

On Thursday evenings at the Shippensburg Public Library, my friend Dottie holds an informal knitting group that is open to anyone who wishes to participate.  Dottie is an expert knitter who will help with project questions.  She has been one of the teachers at the Knitter's Day Out in September for many years.

Since I've started knitting again, I decided to check it out to see what interesting projects are being made.  One of the women was knitting several different sleeveless cotton shells for summer.

She had just finished her gauge swatch in this lovely cotton and linen blend that she had gotten at the recent annual Salvation Army fabric sale.  This very soft yarn was only $15 for a large enough bagful to make a full sized sweater.

She also had underway a beautiful cable shell in another cotton yarn.

Dottie was knitting socks.

She will be teaching a class in the toe-up technique for socks tomorrow (Sat. May 21)  for the South Cumberland Fiber Guild meeting in the Library Annex.  The meeting begins shortly after 10 a.m. for anyone who is interested.  Also check out the South Cumberland fiber Guild website for more information about this fun group of spinners, weavers, knitters, shepherds, etc.

By the way, I've finished knitting the components of my cabled cardigan and am ready for blocking.  I hate this part and have been dragging my feet!  I'm determined to get it done this weekend so I can go on with the front bands and the collar.

Yesterday I traveled to Chambersburg to Grant Street Woolworks for the weekly hook-in.
There usually isn't a large group in the afternoon, but there's no lack of conversation.

Kathy is seriously working.

Kathy's friend, Beth was making yoyo mats.

Barb's patriotic quilt.

I think this project of Linda's is going to be a purse.

Joan brought several interesting things for show and tell.
This is, I think is a Karen Kahle design, for a tote bag.  Joan plans to use the gold wool for the trim on the bag.

She made these delightful dolls, too.  Love the wool clothing!

Detail of one of the faces.

My final decision has been made on the border for my rug.  It is only half the width I started with.  After doing about half of the narrower border, I didn't like the amount of blue in it and pulled it out and replaced it with green.  Then after finishing the border in mostly red and green, I changed my mind and thought it needed some blue, but not a lot.  Linda suggested just putting in little blips of blue.  They don't show up very well in the picture, but they are in the center of the dark red part of the border.

There's only the background to fill in.  I love it when all the difficult decisions are behind me!

I want to thank all of you for stopping by.  Welcome to the new followers.

Many of you left comments on my last post but because Blogger was having technical difficulties, over half of them have been wiped out.  I'm sorry about this and hope you continue to leave comments.  Blogger seems to have recovered from it's brain fog.

Until next time, sunny skies (I hope) and happy hooking!


  1. Hi Pat
    Yes, I'm still around, just not blogging at the moment, so many other bits and pieces to do.
    I really love the pictures of the cats. It's not easy getting pictures of them all lines up, they must have been really interested in the big outside.
    Do they generally not go out?
    The doll in the check dress looks very much like my Mum, good job she's not around any more to hear me say this, but it
    Hope the weather soon improves for you, its the opposite here, no rain for so long the farmers are making threats (like they do) of increases in food prices due to the drought.(any excuse)
    Keep well

  2. The cat photos are so funny with the commentary. I love the fact that Penny stretched out to stake out her territory. She is my kind of girl!
    The brief 2 days of sun have made everyone a little giddy - even the deer are taking a trip to town to enjoy it.
    Kim :)

  3. Great tweaks on the rug design! The border balances very nicely with the main pot of posies now! Even when the kitties are fighting they are still cute! ;-) Looking forward to seeing your sweater all blocked up and ready to wear! I tried knitting socks... once... very difficult... I'll stick to crocheting dish cloths! lol!

  4. *****your rug is looking wonderful! are you hooking on monk's cloth or linen? thanks.

  5. I just love your rug to pieces! I've been knitting a lot, but it doesn't seems to get any bigger! It's very strange. I can't wait to go to regular hook-ins when I move to Maine. Your cats are funny.
    Let's hope for a ray of the bright stuff soon!

  6. Pat, your rug is very beautiful and I hope that you are you are happy with it because it's just lovely.

    I love the cat at the window sill.

    I've managed a we bit of garden work in the last couple of days and even put my plan for barn cleaning on hold to weed and pick fiddleheads yesterday. Now it's back to gardening. Have a great weekend Pat. JB

  7. Hi Pat.... The rug looks terrific. The colors are great and I just love the pattern.... like I said it before you are so talented...

    Love the pictures of the kitties, they are not spoiled are they....

    So glad you made it to grant Street again, I hope some Thursday when I am there you make it too...

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Hi Pat,
    Who would have thought the open window would be the cat's meow! Too funny!
    I am lovin' your rug! That border is just the best! I'll bet it was lots of work to make the change but oh so worth it! It is a beautiful pattern and your choices of colors are awesome!
    Hope you see some better weather there soon! It's finally warmed up here and boy the weeds they are a growin!
    Cathy G

  9. Hey Pat - I'm tired of this weather too! Love your kitty pics - you always get the best shots! That Penny - too funny she "won"! Oh my - I can't believe you show up to Grant St on a day I didn't get there! Boo hiss! Hopefully I'll get there next week and HOPEFULLY you will be there. Your rug is looking awesome (as usual!)

  10. Hi Pat. You were asking about how I cook fiddleheads. I'm sure that there are many ways to cook fiddleheads but first they have to be throughly wash to get rid of the brown thin covering and rinse real well then I bring them to a boil and discard that water because there is a high iron content that turns the water brown and I add fresh water and salt and bring them to a simmer until just tender. I put butter on mine but some put a splash of vinegar.

    To freeze them I just blanch them for 2 minutes and rinse them in cold water and drain them well and bag them.

    I also make cream of fiddlehead soup just like cream of broccoli soup. Real yummy. JB

  11. Great photos of the cats. Love little Penny!! Really like how your rug looks too.

  12. newburyarts,
    This rug is on monks cloth.

  13. Pat ~
    Such great kitty pics!!!
    Love, love, love your rug! You are so talented.
    Pug hugs :)

  14. love your dolls. I may be inspired to do some.Need to use up recycled wool.


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