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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Trip to East Berlin

On Friday Zip and I drove to East Berlin, PA for the day. 

On the way we had lunch at Pomona's in Biglerville.  This is a delightful little trendy restaurant that is part of the Gettysburg Baking Company.  They specialize in crusty artisan breads and pizza baked in their brick wood-fired oven.  But there is so much more than pizza!  I've never had their evening entrees, but they sound wonderful. 

Zip had a spinach omlette and I had a red onion and pistachio pizza.  Both were yummy!

One of the reasons we drove to East Berlin was to find the gravesites of two of my great-great grand parents on my father's side of the family.  I had recently received a picture of their marriage cirtificate and information on where they were buried.

I can't read the date on the document because my scan was taken from a photograph.  I don't know who in the family has the original.  I am just very glad to have this much information.

These two people both died young in their early 30's, of what I do not know.  They are buried in a small graveyard at the Mummert Meetinghouse between East Berlin and Abbotstown.

The thing I find really freaky about my great-great grandfather is that he died on Feb. 26th which is the day I was born (52 years later).  I have heard of many other people having things like that happen in families.  Is it a coincedence or is it some kind of karma???  Anyhow, it's interesting to think about.

My other reason for the trip was to take some pictures at Woolgatherings to put on my website.  Carol has been a weaver, knitter and rughooker for years.  I first met her when she worked at The Mannings.  Her father and one of my uncles were brothers.  More family ties!

I wanted to include her shop on my fun-places-to-visit-in-the-area pages of my website.
This is a pile of her finished pieces, with baskets full of patterns and kits underneath the bench.

A view of the wool selection.

We enjoyed a nice chat, and then headed home.

I haven't been to any hook-ins lately.  I have been diligently working at home to finish my watermelon rug.  And here it is!!!

Now I have a load of edge finishing to do!  I've already started on this rug but still have my little star and chicken mats to do.  Lots of good easy stuff to work on at hook-ins.

Tomorrow is the meeting of the Cumberland Valley Hookers at the Fallins Spring Church.  Hope to see some of you there!

Happy Hooking!!!


  1. Wow Pat - cool document you got there. Looks like you and Zip had a great day on Friday.

    Oh my goodness I cannot believe you are done your watermelon rug - it looks great! Wowzer!

  2. No wonder we have missed you at the last few hook-ins. Finding long lost relatives is a wonderful feeling. I know that you and zip had a great day. Love the rug - Els says hello

  3. What a wonderful trip you and Zip were on! So interesting. Glad you were able to find the spot...
    I've driven by that Pomona's but never stopped in. Sounded good!
    Your rug turned out awesome Pat~~ Hope you bring it in on a Thursday so we can see it up close and personal :) Hope to see you soon~

  4. Pat ~
    How wonderful to find the gravestones of your g-g-grandparents. The older I get, the more I appeciate things like that.
    Pistachio and red onion pizza. Never heard of such a combination but it sound yummy. Good thing it's almost dinner time ;-)
    Your rug looks wonderful. I can't believe you are done hooking it already.
    Pug hugs :)

  5. Really and truly LUVIN' that watermelon rug!!! You hooked it so beautifully! Carol's shop is a goodie! I hope to visit one day! Funny thing about the dates thing... my birthday is the death day of a distant uncle of mine... don't know the years apart, but I think he was a soldier in the Civil War... I'll have to check on my next visit to the cemetery.

  6. Hi Pat,
    I'm lovin' your watermelon rug! You did a wonderful job! Do you have a special place you will be displaying it? The colors are great!

    Looks like a very interesting trip to visit the g-g grandparents. It's neat to be able to trace our history and find out who our people are and where they came from! I love old tombstones. I have been meaning to email you this past week but you wouldn't believe all the stuff going on here! Hope to talk to you soon! Take Care xxoo Cathy

  7. Love your watermelon rug and can not believe that you are almost finished. We visited the graves of my husband's relatives in Arkansas last summer. Helps you put your life in perspective. It is so satisfying to find parts of your history.

  8. What a fun day out! I love family history and have loads of it too although not of it is around here. Last summer my sister and I took photos of family tombstones.

    East Berlin sure is an interest and histocial area.

    Your watermelon rug is wonderful!! I love the stars and moon!!!


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