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kitty companiona

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


We don't do a lot of planting flowers.  Too much garden, fruit tree and lawn care already.  But we do have flowers that come up each year on their own.  Clumps of daffodills, bluebells, and violets both white and blue.

I love violets!  They remind me of my childhood in Hanover, PA.  We lived in a duplex on York Street.  Next door there was a vacant lawn and then an old gray two storey house, unpainted and grown up with bushes around it.  Two very old (to me as a child) men lived there.  My Mother thought the place was deplorable, an eyesore.  I loved it!  It was old and mysterious and no one ever got inside.  (I bet they had lots of interesting antiques!!!)

Anyhow, each spring, in the high grass and shade the most beautiful long stemmed violets came popping up.  I always had to sneak over, and hope the old men didn,t catch me and pick a nice bouquet.

Today Zip wanted to get some new nusic books for his quitar playing.  They have a large music store in Hanover.  He did;n't know I had an extra stop I wanted to make.  After purchasing his books, I asked him if we could ride past my old home and take a picture.  They have tarted the place up from a modest brick home with white trim to a place with fake stone and modern railings.  And the old gray house has been done in siding.  There are no longer any bushes and violets.  Things sure change in 40 years.

But my aunt (my father's sister) still lives across the street even after all this time.  And she happened to be home.  She didn't recognize me at first- it's been 20 years!  She was so happy that we stopped to visit! 

She had plans for the evening, so we didn't get to stay and talk as long as we both would have liked.  We hugged goodbye and I promised to come back soon and she said she'd get out pictures and family history information.  I had to cry a little bit as we drove off.

We were on the Lincoln Highway coming back toward home when I discovered I had left my purse there.  With the emotional excitement, I had forgotten it!  No driver's license, no credit or debit cards, NO CAMERA!!!  And a three-day class starting tomorrow!

I guess I'll be making a return visit sooner than expected!


  1. I'm sure your aunt will be delighted to get another visit so soon! I love violets too and they were a favorite of my mother's mother! Enjoy your trip back as you wouldn't want to be without the camera for too long LOL! Cathy G

  2. Oh no Pat - No CAMERA - I got an idea - take Kathy's LOL

    Have a great time at class tomorrow! Hope to get out there next week - Don't want to be in the way this week.

    What fun visiting your old place - My house I grew up in is only 3 miles from me and new owners have totally changed the look (way too modern for me) - I don't like it! It's funny though I can't tell you how many times I'm headed to my parents and almost turn in there!

    Have a great day

  3. Doesn't that just frost you? It's hard to remember everything!!

  4. It's amazing how children see things differently. You certainly saw beauty! How nice you got to see you Aunt. And now you'll get to see her sooner than you expected! Don't worry about a camera, I have mine lol. Joanne is such a smarty pants....

  5. It's so very comforting to remember the good ol' happy times... Smiling and dreaming... :-)

  6. Maybe your Auntie hid your purse so you would have to come back and visit her! Those seniors can be sneaky! LOL Nice you got to re-live some wonderful memories.

  7. Wonderful now you will get back sooner than expected.
    Have a great visit.

  8. Pat ~
    What great memories. I, too, love violets.
    So sorry you left your purse behind, but I'm sure your aunt will be thrilled to have you return so soon.
    Please be sure to get Kathy to take lots of pictures to share with us. I just love to see what others are hooking.
    Pug hugs :)

  9. Time sure does change things. I got back to my home town every couple of years and since I've left in 1965 you wouldn't know its the same town. Doesn't matter because it's still my home town and I love it.


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