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kitty companiona

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Rug Progress

Yesterday was a dreary rainy day.  Zip is suffering from allergies.  The cats are spending their time sleeping.  I washed a few dishes in the morning.

Then spent the rest of the day rughooking!

I just could not wait to see how the maroon border was going to look.  There was a book on CD, a cup of coffee, and some chocolate.  What more does a hooker need??? 

I did take a short break to make Zip some dinner, but the rest of the day I worked on the rug.

In my last post the picture didn't come out very true to color.  I thought it was because I took it late in the evening in the kitchen where the lighting is best but still not great.  So today it's brighter outside.  I took the rug to the front porch and tried again.  The greens still seem washed out and dull.

Then, duuuuhhhh!!!!  I remembered that I have Color Settings on my camera! 
I changed to the 'foliage' setting which intensifies the green.

Look at the difference!!!

It even improved the reds!

So check that little book that comes with your camera.  I know, they get stored away somewhere and are never seen again!  Sometimes these little setting changes can really bring out the best in your pictures.

All the color decisions for the rug are now made.  Nothing left but the hookin'!
Hope to see many of you at Grant Street Woolworks tomorrow!


  1. Pat! Its beautiful!! Loving it!!

  2. Good advice regarding the camera ~ I know nothing about mine! Amazing how it changed your colors! It's looking good, Pat!

  3. Wow, the change is amazing. A few years ago I bought a fancy camera. I was going to do all sorts of wonderful things. I have never used any of the settings.....its still on automatic. Now I'm inspired to read the book!

  4. Great advice Pat on the camera settings. It is hard to get a good photo of a hooked rug......what a difference that made! Love how your rug is looking! You are a hooking maniac like me when I get one going! I have to get one going before I go mad!!! Hope Zip gets feeling better! Cathy G

  5. Wow you are flying on this rug - looks great! Hope to see you tomorrow - and hope the kitties are well rested and Zip is feeling better - Oh and the dishes - i'd skip that part next time! LOL

  6. Love it Pat--in both colorways... bet it is even more beautiful in person.

  7. "... so check that little book that comes with your camera"... LOL! Totally luvin' that rug! Summer is almost here!!!

  8. Pat it's gorgeous. Look forward to seeing it in person tomorrow. Love hearing how you are putting so much time in hooking, sounds wonderful! See you soon.

  9. Pat ~
    What a difference a setting can! Maybe I ought to read my manual since I'm never happy with the pics of my rugs.
    Have fun at Grant Street.
    You are just a hookin' fool!
    Pug hugs :)

  10. WOW Pat!!! So nice and it is amazing how the setting changed the color! Beautiful rug!!!

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