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kitty companiona

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Quiet Weekend

Zip and I had a quiet relaxing weekend.  No visitors, no visits with anyone.  We just stayed home and enjoyed the nice spring weather and worked on our own interests.  He played the guitar and worked in the garden.  I hooked and cooked.

The hooking is done on my two star mats.  They are about 10 inches in diameter.  As you can see I've been using up leftovers- same colors in several mats.  I've always thought of myself as a primitive hooker, so am surprised at the *narrowness* of some of these strips from the past.

This one with the green background is not this light and bright off camera.

And I started this chicken mat, which has caused me a lot of reverse hooking trying to get the colors to work with a limited pallette.  I tried several different wing colors.  Then got stuck with what to do about the background because the eggs are light and the chicken is dark!  Waaaaah!!!  What does it matter on something so small and foolish???

So I end up cutting more strips, when I'm trying to get rid of extras.  The green background I planned didn't work at all!

I guess I can live with the gold.  Need to change the beak so it shows up better.
Those are my hooking efforts of the weekend.

We had an early morning thunder storm.  The first of the season. 
The sun is now shining.  Everything looks so green and fresh.

Over the weekend Zip put compost and leaves on the garden and rototilled it under.  The plot in the foreground is our garden for this year.  The other bare area beyond was the one we used last year.  When it's a wet year, the lower ground doesn't dry out fast enough to work in the spring, so we decided to move up the hill for better drainage.

Don't our pear trees look lovely in blossom?

This is going to be a busy week with the workshop at Grant Street Woolworks on Thurs., Fri., and Sat.
I am soooo looking forward to it!!!

Happy Hooking!


  1. I love the star mats, but I just LOVE the chicken....oh my goodness, I need one of those! ;)

  2. Nice and quiet is nice - Love your mats - the one star is especially dimensional! Cool beans! The chicken is coming along! It is a challenge to use up strips isn't it! Amazing how they reproduce when you aren't looking!

  3. Love the stars and the chicken! The stars look 3-dimensional; great job!

  4. Love the stars and the chicken is gonna be really cute, too!

  5. How wonderful you had a nice quiet weekend. With weather like that, who could ask for more? Your mats are adorable. Love the colors. Way to go on using what you have, even if you did have to cut just a few.
    Look forward to seeing you Thursday!

  6. I like the stars but can't wait to see the chicken when it's finished.

    Yes, your pear trees are lovely!!! Nice property!!


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