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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fabric Frenzy!

I had all intention of standing in the chilly dawn with the hoard of quietly crazy people outside the doors of the Salvation Army Annual Fabric Sale at the Norland Shopping Center in Chambersburg, PA.  Only those dedicated to Fabric Frenzy do this, you know!

My friend Willa was supposed to be there with me.  Unfortunately on Tues. evening she wasn't answering her phone so I left a message.  Early Wed. morning I received an email from her saying that she had been up till 3 a.m. and couldn't be ANYWHERE at 9 a.m.!  What about 10?  When I called her at 9:30 to see if she was out of bed, she remembered a previous commitment and begged out.  Maybe she knows something I don't....

Off I went on my own, knowing that all the good bargains were probably already gone!!!  One look at the totally full parking lot almost made me turn around and go home.

Some people are already leaving with their loot.

I was able to get a fairly close parking spot because some nice person was just pulling out near the front of the building.  Then when I got inside, this was the scene!  Wall to wall people!!!!  There really are loads of tables with fabric on them, you just can't see them for the crowd.

The wool table had about five small pieces of questionable fiber content left on it.  Only one hour after opening and many of the tables were almost bare!  It looked like wolves had descended on the feast!  The checkout lines were backed up past halfway through the building.  People had shopping carts filled to the brim with every sort of fabric, needlework supplies, and books.  It is just unbelievable!!!  I think every year more and more people come to this.

I was able to find a few small items: some yarn for Kami, a few old wooden clothes hangers, some bobbins for my sewing machine and two straw doll hats.  No fabric.  I was hoping to find a nice old sewing machine in good shape.  I keep hoping that a Necchi Supernova from the 60's will show up.

As I was in line to check out, I saw Kathy (Rugs of Time) and Joanne (Snippets and Scraps of My Mind) heading for the door.  I was going to run up and say "Hi!" but by the time I secured my spot in line, they were halfway down the parking lot.  Hope you guys found some great bargains!!!

The fabric sale is open for three more days.  There may still be bargains left!

Since I was out on my own, I dawdled back home through the countryside, enjoying the lovely sunny day.  These beasts were out enjoying the wind in their fur!

Yes, they are buffalo!  These people started out with three and now several years later, there are seven.  When the young ones are born, they are so cute.  None so far this year, though.

I am almost done binding my watermelon rug.  Only about twelve more inches to go!  I ran out of the dyed yarn for whipping so had to dye a few more yards.  Isn't that just the luck!!!?

Back to the finishing!  Then on to the next project....
Happy Hooking!


  1. You're a brave person! I've heard about that sale (from Kathy & Joanne), and it just sounds a bit crazy for me... good deals though, if you have the patience! At least you got out to enjoy the countryside in the sunshine!

  2. Looks like a wild time! Next year you can get there earlier and get first dibs on the wool table.

  3. Awwwww Pat, I'm so sorry we missed you!!! It sure was hectic. Joanne beat me there this morning and was in line when I got there before 8:30!! It opened at 9:00. Some pushing and shoving from some rude people, but all and all it was fun. No wool for either of us. I did pick up two pieces that were questionable, and luckily found a woman in line with some matches lol. I was able to pull a few threads off and take them outside. Neither of them were wool, so I put them back. I did get some other things and so did Joanne.
    Can't believe you ran out of your whipping yarn, ugh!!
    Hope to see you soon!!

  4. That looks as bad as "black Friday" shopping!! Buffalo scare me with their crazy eyes!! They were selling them one night at the livestock auction and i was so scared about ran up the stadium style seating!! I kept gripping onto danny ready to jump if i needed too! Hope I see you tomorrow at Grant street!

  5. Pat ~
    Sounds like a wild time! Glad you snagged a few goodies!
    Pug hugs :)

  6. WOW! I wish our thrift store had a sale like that! I rarely ever seen pieces of fabric in there.

  7. Ah Man Pat - sorry we missed you - you should have Yelled - but then in that crowd - would we have heard???? it was crazy - I get a little "claustrophic" in scenes like that but survived! Amazing how many bags people had filled!

    Cool pics of the buffalo's - didn't realize anyone had any around here


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